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Welcome to my site.  My name is Janine and I want to thank Betty for providing the image for my header.  Betty is from Dublin, Ireland, and is featured riding her former horse Prince.  She enjoys many hunts and hacking events and travels to different countries to participate in these equestrian adventures.  Because I live in South Dakota, I live vicariously through her experiences in Europe and hope to ride with her some day.  God speed Betty!

Since I was a little girl, one consistent love of mine was that of horses and as a 6 year old, I was designing barns and drawing horses.  Growing up without a horse, I made my dream a reality on September 23, 2004 and purchased my first horse Honor.  Honor is a 16 hand Morgan gelding and was 16 years old.  He has been my constant horse companion and helped me train 6 horses in the past 7 years.  I couldn’t have imagined a better horse for my first horse.

Honor has never let me down and always kept me safe, noticing when my balance was off, he would slow down or stop.  What a guy!  Probably as “bomb proof” as a horse can get and “finished” to the point of being a great lesson horse.  As one of my clients said, “I didn’t know horses could be so disciplined”, meaning educated.  Truly one of a kind.

Honor & Zack

My two Morgans, 20 year old Honor & 2 year old Zack, October 2008

My slogan, “Horses are my sanity and my insanity.”  They have taught me so much about myself, helped increase my confidence and awareness levels and helped me get into shape.  Remembering an episode of Dr. Phil, he told his female guest that wanted to lose weight by riding horses, that riding horses would give the horse a work out but not her.  Dr. Phil didn’t seem to realize what physical energy and emotional balance is required to properly ride a horse.  No disrespect Dr. Phil.  Horses can be a great exercise tool for mind, body and soul and a super stress reliever.

Remembering that all sports come with some form of commitment, the insanity I refer to in my slogan, is the expense required in maintaining a horse along with the risks involved in riding one.  There are possible injuries or death that can occur to the horse and/or human.  So my other motto is, “Safety First”.  Most incidents can be prevented with the right training, awareness and frame of mind.  This blog is a tribute to Rowdy, my Polish Arabian that passed on.

Why did I get involved with horses?  Having always wanted to own and ride a horse, being in my 40’s, I realized that I wasn’t getting any more physically fit, even though I exercised and lifted weights every day, and I wasn’t getting any younger, so what was I waiting for?  After praying to God for guidance and an answer to my “horse” prayer, God had a plan and He Has Provided!!!  I’ll write more about my horse family in the “My Herd” page.

Below is a photo of me on my 4th horse, Theeo.  Only ever wanting 3 horses, having 7 in 6 years is hard for me to believe.  My 4th horse, Theeo, is not a replacement for my favorite that passed on, CS Alada Attitude, AKA Rowdy, but rather an extension of what Rowdy, the 3rd horse, could have been.  Always wanting a race horse, Rowdy was my prospect for that, but God had other plans and introduced me to Theeo.  More information is available on my My Herd page.

Theeo & Me 7/15/2009

Theeo & Me 7/15/2009

Zack, my 5th horse, is in transition to replace Honor as my lesson horse so that Honor may retire.  Zack will be a wonderful replacement as he has the disposition and conformation for it.  He is very smooth to ride and dependable.

For “nearly daily” updates on my blog, check out my Fence Posts page and for local activities posted, you can go to my Horse ‘N Around page.  For more leisure reading, I’ve created separate stories and posted them on the Hoof Prints page.  If you would like something posted or want to blog with me, please use the “comments” section within the blog pages.  Many Happy Trails!