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Going Green

July 27, 2009

Eating green never tasted so good!  Lucky me, I grew up with parents that knew how to cook and bake and those flavors are still in my taste buds memory.  Remembering the foods that I grew up with, made me realize that I probably wasn’t in the norm.  When many kids in my era were growing up on mac and cheese, canned soup and boxed meals, I was learning how to make everything from scratch.  No boxed cakes or burger surprises for me.

Learning how to prepare food from scratch has advanced the creative side of me.  Always falling back on the tried and true, when I get bored, I venture to the web to look for recipes that sound interesting and that I might add to my old stand byes.

South Dakota is a land of infinite opportunities!  I enjoy riding horses in the Black Hills, the prairie, the National Grasslands or in the hills in the southeastern part of the state as well as fishing in the Missouri River.  When fish are plentiful, recipes for variety are a must.

Missouri River Valley

Missouri River Valley in South Dakota

Missouri River, Nebraska Side

Missouri River, Nebraska Side

One such recipe that I shared with friends recently is this fish taco recipe.  Loving to fish and having some luck at it this year, I couldn’t wait to try this one out.  I used walleye for the fish and my friends are begging for another catch.  The only change I will make next time is preparing half as much batter and twice as much white sauce.  Enjoy!


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