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More Four Leggeds

August 27, 2009
Turner County Fair 08/20/09

Turner County Fair 08/20/09

Thursday, August 20th, Barry and I made a trip to the Turner County Fair in Parker, SD.  It was an interesting day, as the weather was unpredictable with scattered showers that followed gusty winds.  Having wanted to visit this fair for many years, I was pleased that my anticipation didn’t outweigh the outcome.

The Carnival

The Carnival

As I mentioned in my Fence Posts page, there were camels.  Never would I have thought that there would be camels at this fair, but not only were there two camels, but there was also a water buffalo sharing space with common farm animals.  This was the closest I’d been to a camel and I was a bit leery of getting spat upon, but they were in their element and relaxed with the surroundings.DSCN2084DSCN2088

The water buffalo was interesting.  Her nose was smooth and her tongue was slimy.  Yes, she gave me a kiss.  She was mostly content to lay down, facing the wall, but once, stood up to relieve herself and check out her surroundings.  DSCN2115DSCN2152Her neighbor, the goose, wasn’t happy with the green package that she left.  What was the story about Mother Goose?

Of course there were pigs and piglets with their sow.  DSCN2127Never having had the opportunity to photograph a pig up close I decided to see if they were photogenic.  DSCN2109The pens that the animals were in at this fair, afforded for some photo ops.  Every other fair that I had been at, had boarded stalls, that were not very human or photo friendly.

Saving the best for last, were some playful kids.  DSCN2132The little bucks, or “billys” were so fun to watch, as they butted heads, pranced around and leapt in the air, tumbling and playing so innocently.  They entertained the spectators for quite some time before retiring with their doe or candidly referred to as a “nanny”, for a nap.



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