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Horse Diapers

September 9, 2009

In my community, horses are allowed on the streets, as long as their waste is cleaned up and disposed of properly, or contained.  While researching “horse diapers”, this contraption made me laugh so hard, I thought that it had to be a joke.  For a good laugh and ponder, check out this site:  Horse Diaper. Perhaps in a veterinary situation it could be useful, but I really couldn’t believe it was for real!  There is a patent pending for this diaper.  The “Bun Bag” makes more sense, while still another horse diaper looks like a feed bag, hummmmm.  On the other hand, this horse diaper is pretty classy and I wouldn’t mind seeing it in use.  However, a trip to the UK to look at a horse diaper is not in the cards.  No equine spas in our local either.  Bummer.

Another name for a horse diaper is a “manure trap”.  As indicated in this article, horse fecal collection is a world wide pursuit.  When did life become so complicated?  In the next article I read, horse manure is referred to as “exhaust products”!  Come on Wisconsin residents, it’s called manure.  Are Wisconsin residents afraid to even say the word?  I just have to laugh!!!!  And finally, an article written on Strollerderby, that highlights “Changing large animal diapers” and Sarah Palin.  I’m not sure of the connection.  Too much gossip for me.


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