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A Girl & Her Pony

November 13, 2009

It’s hard to believe that having a pony or a horse wouldn’t be every young girls dream.  I know that it isn’t every girls dream, but it certainly seems to affect a majority of the female population.  This is based on my experience of meeting horse loving women nearly every day.  The three trends seem to be ladies that have either grown up with horses and kept them in their lives, grew up with them  and then brought them back into their lives after raising a family, or like myself, the dream never died and in the mid adult years, the decision to be involved with horses came to be.

I was 6 years old when my horse dream took ahold of me.  With long flowing hair, I would pretend to be an Indian, running in the grass with the sun going down and the wind blowing through my hair.  Since I didn’t have a horse or access to one, I imagined that by running, I could feel the “freedom” through the warm breeze on my face and with a particular image in my mind.  The image in my mind was of an Indian, riding swiftly and bareback across the desert plains on his beautiful horse.  This gave me such hope and inspiration.  Even today, I admire and respect the abilities of these great horsemen and this image gives my joy.  It’s hard for me to imagine a more perfect state of being.  Praising God and being one with my horse and mother earth.


Appeal To The Great Spirit By Cyrus E. Dallin

(Above image, courtesy of studio 7b)  Remembering this image, I was surprised when I read, author Sally Swift’s “Centered Riding” make reference to the above image on page 57.  She says, “Allow yourself to sit this way, feeling long, upward, and outward.”  Again, what a perfect image.

In pursuit of my dream, I have learned many things.  As a child, I read every horse book I had, designed and drew barns and dreamt of breading Arabians.  The Tersky always fascinated me.  Only ever seeing pictures of one, it’s silver dappled coat, sleek body, ability for speed and beautiful head, drew me in.  Even today, they still seem a mystery.  For history and an interesting and even “romantic” read, click on the Tersky link above.

While making this dream into a story short, my dream continues every day.  Through the grace of God, I am blessed with special horse friends and horse companions.  The greatest gift I’ve received is being able to be a part of making a dream come true for another, girl and her pony.


A Girl & Her Pony, Anna & Lucky


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