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Robin Saved From Netting

May 13, 2010

Early one spring morning there was a strange rustling noise outdoors that I could hear from inside my home.  It was a consistent, determined noise which included scratching and at first I thought it was a squirrel doing something in my gutter.  The noise was rather intense and would go for a few seconds and then stop, go and then stop.

After about 10 minutes of this noise, I thought it was too deliberate for it to be a squirrel in the gutter and checked it out.  Low and behold, a robin was in dire straits.

During previous years, there had been a robin’s nest in the angle of my down spout and during an attempt for a robin to build a nest there again, it had some how “hung” itself.

I ran outside and grabbed my 16′ extension ladder in order to be able to reach the robin and rescue it.  Standing on the top rung of my ladder and hoping that I wouldn’t have my own tragedy, I could see that the robin was entangled in some netting that was normally used for laying sod.

Not being able to remove the netting from around the robins neck, and in which it had placed within its nest, I scurried down the ladder and grabbed a scissors to use to release this endangered bird.

Frantic to save itself, the robin would try to fly and then rest, hanging.  I climbed back up the ladder with scissors in tow and clipped the robin free from it’s pending doom.

Now to remove the netting from around its neck.

The robin seemed to know that it was receiving help and relaxed when I carried it down the ladder to the ground and I started to snip the netting loose from around its neck.  The image of it hanging from its nest was very saddening and I am thankful that I was home to be able to save it.  The thought of such an innocent action nearly ending a life.

The robin survived but did not finish building its nest in the angle of the gutter.  I can understand why.


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