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On The Move

September 29, 2010

September 23, 2004, when I purchased my first horse, the “Move” began.  A trainer who became a friend, helped me locate Honor,

Honor & Me, 2004

my first horse, and I boarded him at her place.  She taught me how to take care of him and gave me riding lessons as part of her training program.

In December of that same year, I adopted 5 month old Theena from a rescue situation.  At the trainers acreage, Theena occupied a stall for little over a month to recover from being starved and when she was well enough to be turned out, she lived in her own paddock that was foal friendly.

In March of 2005, I graduated from my trainers self care program and moved Honor and Theena to a boarding facility called McCarty Farms.

Theena & Honor at McCarty Farm

They lived in their own paddock until May when I purchased Rowdy.  When Rowdy joined them, they were moved to a different paddock on the same property.  That paddock was shared with my friend Jill’s horse Cat.

The month of October 2005, McCarty Farms decided to close and I had to move 200 small squares of hay and find a place for my horses.  I found a barn to store my hay in and a friend offered to board my horses through the winter.  The hay was stored about 20 miles away from the horses, so I tried to bring 100 bales of hay at a time to my friends for feeding.  I had purchased a 20′ flat bed trailer so that I could do less travel, loading and unloading.  Needless to say, I bet those $3 bales ended up costing about $20 a piece when all was said and done.

Rowdy, Theena, Me & Honor, October 2005

Reinbow Stables became Honor, Theena and Rowdy’s new home in March of 2006.

Rowdy & Theena at Reinbow Stables

It was a tough spring and management at the facility was having a difficult time.  There were several unhappy boarders, but I made due with what I had.  I enjoyed meeting new people and the use of the facilities.  The situation however, became worse, as horse injuries happened on a regular basis.  Mine were not excluded from the list of injured horses.  Theena, merely 13.2 hands was mounted by a 17 hand Dutch Warm Blood gelding three times.  Each time she became lame.  The third time was the worst time, as he ruined her hips and she could no longer keep her hind end leads.  After repeatedly requesting that gelding to be moved to a different pasture, nothing was done and permanent injuries are the result.  Management is key when boarding at a facility.  This last incident happened to Theena one week before Rowdy died.  After this incident, I was heart broken and decided to move my horses to a different facility.

Finishing out my boarding agreement, I kept my horses there through the last month.  One week after Theena’s injury, Rowdy died.  Rowdy’ death began with a culmination of events that started with an injury that occurred at this facility.  Management had not maintained the property to certain standards.  Accidents were happening on nearly a weekly basis from scratches to stitches.  If I gave you advice about boarding, it would be, “Get references from current boarders that have been with the facility form more then a year about what kind of care their horses are receiving before making your decision.  Also, find out what the Management is like”.

The professional management and restful situation at Cedar Ridge was a welcome relief January 1, 2007.  I moved Honor and Theena there and gathered my wits to recover from loosing Rowdy.  My horses settled in good and another year began.  Theeo joined my herd during the spring of 2007 and I started to get back into the swing of my equine life style.

March 29, 2007 Theeo's Arrival to Cedar Ridge

Realizing that no matter how much money I spent or how much care I tried to give to my horses, boarding facilities were not always ideal.  Yes, the indoor amenities were nice, but that doesn’t reflect the care that horses may or may not receive.  The winter of 2007 into the spring of 2008 proved to be another hard one.  Ideally, I wanted to move to a place of my own.

May 1st, 2008, I leased my first pasture.

The Gift of Zack, New Pasture & The Rainbow Promise

Talk about relief!!!  13 acres for my own use.  No more bickering among boarders, people “helping themselves to my hay”, horses fighting for food, or people and horses being just darn ornery.  Life was happy again because my horses were happy.  The stress of never knowing what I might find when I would come out to do chores at a facility, was GONE!  Thank you Lord!

Thank You Friends

What a GREAT new year!  Managing the pasture was a job that required daily work and maintenance, but with help from friends, it was very manageable.  I wouldn’t trade independently managing a horse property for commercial boarding, if I had the choice.  Although I missed my boarder friends and I could have ridden indoors while the weather was bad, my horses were happy and healthy.

Theeo And Zack At Rest


No worries.

When I leased the pasture in 2008, I expected to be there indefinitely.  Unfortunately for the owners, they needed to move, and put the property up for sale.  You may be asking, “why didn’t I buy it?”, it was out of my budget.  On the move again…..

God is great and good!  After searching for nearly a year while the property I had leased was listed for sale, I found a new place.  Thanks again to a friend, I now have a few new friends and nearly 27 lush acres for my horses to play and graze in.

Honor & Theena Checking Out Their New Pasture

Wow, I am so thankful!!   Several of us worked a couple of weeks to get the pasture ready for my herd.  On Friday, September 24, 2010, they had a new home.

Theeo, Theena & Zack Enjoying Relief From Bugs

As the full moon rose over the eastern horizon, I stood in peace and awe, praising the beautiful wonder that God provided.

Now my herd was grazing in a pasture with grass up to my waist.  With the lush expanse, I realized that my horses may not always want to come when called.  However, Tuesday night, they came RUNNING, with Theeo leading the herd, heads held high as if to say Thank You.  We are truly blessed and I want to thank everyone that has helped me and prayed for me along the way!  I don’t know if you counted, but I moved my horses 7 times in 6 years.  I hope we’re “home” for a while.  Happy Trails!


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