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September 12, 2012

Friday, December 25th, Christmas: It’s winter wonderland in South Dakota and much of the Midwest.  The trees are heavy laden with snow and there are drifts 7′ high is some places.  There’s 100% chance of 3″ of more snow arriving tonight and another 3″ forecast by Sunday.  It sure looks like Christmas here!

Come rain or shine, sleet or snow, the horses always get fed and I get my equine fix for the day.

Christmas Day With The Horses.

With help from Barry, Kerry and Anna, the driveway and parking lot was cleared and another round bale put out.  I find it rewarding to have help from friends and to be able to spend time with the horses, even on a snowing, blowing winter day.

While we were out doing chores, my mother was fixing our Christmas dinner and dad was digging out his car.  It was sure nice to come in from being out in the elements and smell the meal that was being prepared.

Part of Christmas Dinner, YUM!

After dinner, Barry, dad and I cleared the snow around the house and in the approach.  It was a still, mild night with a little moisture in the air.  Very pleasant.

For the final deed of the day, I created my Christmas card and emailed it out.  To see it, you can click on this link or find it under Treat Bucket in the “Horses” drop down Holiday Horse Cards.  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21st: Tonight I posted a story “Lucky’s Progress” under Treat Bucket in the drop down “Penny For Your Thought”.  The link is inserted above for easy access.

Yesterday I had the afternoon available to work with the horses and the weather was pretty cooperative, especially for this time of year.  Zack has had  a month off, so I line drove him 5 miles while Barry line drove Lucky.

Being 3 years old, he is starting to think for himself and is challenging members of the herd.  Me being one of the herd, he challenged my requests to move past some cattle and tried to go home.  Because I wasn’t going to let him have his way, he reared, stomped and pawed.  The classic temper tantrum.  Not intimidated, I continued requesting that he walk on and with the feeling of defeat he proceeded forward with a prompt kick out with both hind feet, better known as the “finger”.  This is a reason why driving lines are 30 plus feet long.

With Zack’s temper tantrum out of the way, we continued down the road.  A couple of miles into the lesson, I needed to adjust the saddle blanket.  I was really pleased that Zack stood patiently in place while I took off the gear and saddle and adjusted the saddle blanket and then put everything back on.

We trotted, walked, stopped and stood and repeated this several times on our route.  When we were about 1/4 mile away from home, Zack was his quiet responsive self.  Standing and watching as some young steers came bounding toward us, he seemed almost disinterested.  In earshot of Theena and Theeo’s calls, he made no attempt to hurry home.  It’s days like these that make me proud and appreciate my horses.

Wednesday, December 16th: Looking forward to 2010 and spring, I updated the Horse ‘N Around page of events.  There will be much more to come.  Have fun planning your schedule.

Monday, December 14th: With work and winter demanding snow removal and more layers of clothes, I’ve neglected my blog and haven’t been riding.  Tonight I finished my story about the Anne Kursinski clinic.  It is located in the Treat Bucket under Penny For Your Thought and called Auditing Anne Kursinski.  I’ve provided the link for quicker access.  If she conducts another clinic in the area, you can count on seeing me there!  She was fantastic!!

My next story will be about Lucky’s progress.  I hope to post his update later this week.  In the mean time, the horses are happy and look the best that they have in three years!  God has been GREAT!  Keep warm!

Wednesday, November 25th: With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I decided to post some holiday cards that I have created.  They are located under Treat Bucket in the drop down menu “Horses” and the post is called Holiday Horse Cards.

Sunday, November 22nd: WOW!!  The BEST clinic I have ever attended!!!  Even though I really enjoy Clinton Anderson and Stacey Westfall, as great as they are and fun to watch, Anne Kursinski has much to share!!  With a story in progress, including photos from this weekends clinic, I’ll share this YouTube video with you as a headliner.  Can’t wait to work with my horses today, or rather, play with them!!  The Anne Kursinski Story later.

Tuesday, November 17th: Are younger horses more lazy, or just too smart for their age in this confined world?  I’ve noticed that the 2 and 3 year old horses and pony, would prefer to go through the fence to get to their herd mates, rather than going “up and around” through an entrance.  They choose not to go through the fence, perhaps because they can smell or hear the electricity, but I yell their names in a warning tone of voice, just in case.  I yell like a mother would when protecting her child.  Lucky took a few runs at the fence tonight, obviously contemplating going through or jumping over.  Stopping just shy of it at my warning, Lucky seemed to be pausing as if to think.  Of course, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but…, and that is exactly what the youngsters seem to know.  No mishaps today.

Monday, November 16th: Tonight I found Lucky’s bucking buttons.  While training, I always train on the ground first, if for the very reason of preventing getting bucked off.  I believe that if an equine isn’t safe “on the ground”, they aren’t going to be safe when they are being ridden.  The majority of horse people that I have met, have never line driven or driven their equine companion.  Driving, especially a young equine, is a building block in my training program.  The equine may not ever show in driving, but at least, in their growing years, it is a great discipline that can really desensitize them.  An example would be, if you can’t stop or steer on the ground, why would it be any easier to stop or steer from above?

Call me safe rather than wanting to be sorry, but I believe that safety is ALWAYS first.  Even though Lucky is only 12.1 hands, I don’t want to end up on the ground, having him “run through the bit” or create some other potential problem.  It’s easier to train “right” the first time, than to try to correct a mistake from a learned bad reaction.

From the ground, some aids that are used are voice commands, hands and body language.  It is very rewarding, when a horse or pony responds correctly to my vocal cues.  Tonight, Lucky learned that bucking wasn’t going to result in a rest, yet he learned how to reverse or “double” at a trot in both directions and keep trotting when requested, then walk, stop and stand as requested.  I love replacing a bucking game with a training game.  Good job Lucky.

I finished the RSMHA newsletter and added it to the Hoof Prints page and also added a 2009 show to the Horse ‘N Around page.

Thursday, November 12th: This week went by quickly.  When the weather is good, I spend every evening working with the horses and this was one of those weeks.

Lucky found an escape route out of the pasture Sunday and Monday.  Because he was determined to be out, Monday I adjusted the fence in several areas.  Tuesday when I did chores, Lucky was still in the pasture, so I assume that I found the escape route and hope he is content to remain inside the pasture now.  Monday I also repaired the shelter that took a hit from a hoof or two, no injuries and very minor damage.

Last night I had a feeling that the fencer wasn’t working.  Glad my instincts were intact, because when I checked it, the ground was shorting out the fencer.  After dinner, Barry and I took my portable fencer out to use as a tester and it shorted out too.  Getting close to midnight, we called it a day, figuring that the horses would be fine.  With no escapes during the night, thanks go to Kerry for fixing the ground today.

Tonight I wrote a short story called A Girl & Her Pony.  Those of you that know me, know that I could “talk” for hours, so I tried to keep it short and sweet.  If you want to know more, I’m glad to oblige.

Saturday, November 7th: After all the rain, God surprised us with a beautiful Indian Summer day turning into weekend.  Yesterday I took the afternoon with some friends and rode 11 miles at a favorite haunt.

Always Wondered What Goes On Behind Me

It was a perfect day even though the Asian Beetles were out and other insects that I had hoped were dormant arose to enjoy the warmth once more.

With hunting season in full swing, some of our group wore orange and this proved to be a great visual, DSCN2949DSCN2950especially going into the evening hours.  My camera flash lit up my riding buddy’s reflecting tape really well.

Zack had his 4th ride DSCN2928and Theeo was fun and on the go.  With nearly 7 weeks off, our ride went without a hitch.DSCN2946

Wednesday, November 4th: There has been some interest in the saddle fitting information that I posted Monday.  It is located under the Treat Bucket menu Penny For Your Thought and the article is called Horseformation.  Lots of good info and fun website links posted there.

Do you want to register to win a $2800 new dressage saddle?  Click on this link:

This evening was Lucky’s first maiden line driving experience on the gravel roads.  Being the typical windy fall evening, he found spooks in his shadow, the rustling of the grass, curious cattle, mail boxes, big rocks and rustling flags.  We went 3 miles at a walk and trot and he gained confidence with every new event so he held it together for the most part.    After the driving, I took advantage of him and sat on him bareback.  Lucky was not too interested in moving off so we ended the day on a good note and a tasty apple.

I worked with Theena strengthening her hind end leads.  Much better today.  The chiropractic care has loosened her up a lot and she is floating in her trot again.  Yea!

Monday, November 2nd: After 4 weeks of nearly non stop rain and a second snow fall,

DSCN2811the sun started shining Saturday!!  What a blessed site!  Along with the sun came warmer temps and the normal South Dakota breeze.  All welcome conditions, as this will help dry things out and allow me some play time outdoors.

In between showers, the vet I use, came and provided the fall care of shots, floating, sheath cleaning and chiropractic.  What wonderful service and time saving veterinary care to be able to have a full service traveling vet!

Lucky's First Float
Lucky’s First FLoat

After the vet was done, the sun came out and taking advantage of the nicer weather, Theena takes an afternoon nap while Honor watches over her.  Seen in the background, Theeo’s more interested in eating.  Notice the green pasture.  It’s November and it seems like spring.DSCN2834DSCN2844

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is over and another holiday is just around the corner!  Saturday, my boyfriend and I started winterizing and removed some temporary fencing.  The evenings have been still and quiet with beautiful sunsets now that the rain has quit.  I’ve been able to teach a couple of lessons and train.  This week is looking like a decent dry week to get some much needed riding in.  Happy trails are here again!!

Sunset Corn

Wednesday, October 21st: Another rainy day today, makes for a good opportunity to go through past photos that remind me of nicer days gone by.  A friend of mine must have had the same idea, because she posted photos from the last several months on her FaceBook page and this one of me on Theeo brought back great memories.  This particular day warrants a story on Treat Bucket, so I’ll have to compose it on another rainy day.

Theeo, Me & Cookie
Theeo, Me & Cookie

Thankfully, yesterday was dry while the farrier was out and I’m hoping for a dry day tomorrow.  Got to get back in the saddle!!!!  If tomorrow goes as planned, there will be a 4 mile horse training, riding, and riding lesson.  CAN’T WAIT!!!  smile_regular

Because of my riding buddy, I finally have an image that I think is good enough to use as my gravatar.  Thank you Jill!!

Monday, October 19th: Two snow falls which have melted and with roughly 3 weeks of nearly non stop rain, the pastures are green and the dry lot is a muddy mess!  Not complaining though, as usually the pastures are depleted by now, yet because of the wet fall, there is still a decent amount of growth in the rotation pastures.  Pasture management has been very beneficial!

Because of the rain and working when it’s been “dry”, training has been sparse.  With the cooler than normal temps and damp weather, I’ve been able to do limited ground work and tonight between the end of my work day and sunset I was able to train Theena, Theeo, Zack and Lucky.  I sure hope the weather pattern changes and remains dry for tomorrow, although the forecast is predicting more rain.

Tuesday afternoon the farrier will be out to trim.  Barefoot has really worked out well for the herd this year.  Consistent conditioning and frequent trimming seem to be keys to success.  Sure love not having to need shoes.

Fall tune up on Friday with shots, chiropractic care, teeth, etc.  This is that twice a year expensive week!  The vet I use makes “farm” calls.  Sure is great not to need to haul the horses for such great care!

Hope you all are staying dry and well!

Another Rainy Night

Monday, October 12th: Wow, what an opportunity, 5 time Olympian Jumper, Anne Kursinski, will be conducting a clinic in Elkhorn, Nebraska this November!!!  I added the clinic information in the Horse ‘N Around page.  Sure hope I can go!!!  Along with this information, I added the ARHA Convention information for 2010.

Sunday, October 11th: Snowing right now with a possibility of up to 4″ by Monday afternoon.  Was able to get the yard winterized today before the snow started to fall, but it is really strange, as I stated previously, the foliage is still green.  I hope the ground stays warm for awhile, as I don’t feel like shoveling just yet.

The herd seems ready for winter, as their coats are in full growth and each has a decent layer of insulation on their ribs.  With food, shelter and healthy horses, I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Well…with horses, there’s always use for more $$$.  smile_regular

Saturday, October 10th: Last night Mr. Winter visited for the first time this fall.  We might not be able to call it fall much longer.  He dropped about an inch of snow and it was a gang busters blizzard for a couple of hours.  The blizzard was rather strange, as the trees and lawns are green and it seemed more like a spring storm.

First Snow 10/09/09
First Snow 10/09/09

Apparently, the horses must have felt like it was spring too and had a party, as they took out six posts and 64′ of wire.  Insulators were broken, posts torn out of the ground and some bent…Thankfully none of the herd was injured and that the two fence lines were just dividing two separate pastures, so no one escaped.  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence….Thank goodness for my “honey”, as he helped me repair the damage.  Mr. Winter was replaced with Mother Nature, as the day was calm and cold, not windy and freezing, which made for more pleasant repair conditions.  Most of the snow has melted and I’m counting my blessings!

Thursday, October 8th: This evening I integrated “pony”, now named Lucky, into the herd.  He buddied up with another gelding right away and after only a few screeches from a couple of the mares, it was business as usual.  A student of mine purchased Lucky after a few trial sessions and he will continue training under my instruction for a while.  His new owner is THRILLED and it is a blessing to be able to be part of this experience.  Lucky should be a nice pony companion for this “lucky” girl.

Mr. Winter may be making his presence known Friday night.  Yuck!!!  Because of the weather, I haven’t had much horse fun other than chores, some trainig and the RSMHA meeting.  Looking forward to a free clinic that is this Saturday and hopefully riding soon!!!  Check out the Horse ‘N Around page for updates and the free clinic information.  2010 is just a few months away, did I say a few months away, wow!!  If you have any 2010 info you would like published, please let me know.  How about any Halloween Horse Costume contests????  I’ll check into the Halloween stuff and let you know.  Stay warm and dry!

Thursday, October 1st: Tonight I posted a group shot of my herd.  It’s taken awhile to get us all together and it’s not perfect, but it’s a start.  You can check it out in the My Herd page.

This past Tuesday was a BEAUTIFUL fall day!  A few of us took the day off and rode at Newton Hills State Park.  It was the perfect decision, as the rest of the week has been cold and rainy with snow in the forecast for some of the state.  Yuck!

Having found an owner for “the pony”, now named Lucky, I have been training him and took him out for a 6 mile tether on the trails.  We walked, trotted and cantered, meeting deer, turkey, squirrels and rabbits.  Honor, always a reliable training horse, was true to his form.  Calm, collected and confident.

Prior to ponying the pony, Honor gave a student a riding lesson traveling roughly 8 miles of trail.  His student was thrilled with her first trail experience.

Zack's Ear, Honor with his Student and my Riding Buddy
Zack’s Ear, Honor with his Student and my Riding Buddy

During the 8 mile ride, I rode Zack.  This was his third ride and he continued to make me proud.  If you are considering purchasing a Morgan horse, I recommend the Morgans that are bred at Red Rose Farm.  Check out the post, Morgan Horses For Sale, for more information and photos.

Thanks for continuing to visit my blog.  Your comments are always welcome.

Thursday, September 24th: Mother nature came with a fall festival of rain and cooler temps.  Along with her came a visit from some family members to my home.  While entertaining guests, experiencing inclement weather and working, I didn’t have much opportunity for equine activities, hence the week of absence.

Tonight I updated the Horse ‘N Around page.  Looks like APHA had a really nice ride at Ft. Robinson a week ago.  The AHA and AMHA also hold trail rides at Ft. Robinson.

Weather permitting, I’m hoping to have a weekend full of horse activities.  While one of my friends is competing in Sport Horse Nationals in KY, this week, I know others of you will be competing in Huron, SD at the Pheasant Open Show.  I wish luck to all of you!!!

Thursday, September 17th: This has been a GREAT horse week!  Mother Nature has blessed us with wonderful weather every day and night!  Warm and sunny during the day and clear, cool and calm during the night.  Fall is starting out on the right foot.

Tonight I rode Theena 6 miles.  She was frisky, assuming it’s from the fall weather and the fact that she has been on a wonderful pasture all summer.  She is the most fit and plump that she has ever been.  Seems to be her filling out year and some upward growth too.  All of the horses look the best that they have in in more than a year.

Honor has been retired most of the summer in order to get his ideal body condition back and he looks like he did 2 to 3 years ago now.  I am so pleased to have my horses in such great shape before the winter months hit.

Tuesday I rode Zack and Theeo 6 miles each at Newton Hills.  It was Zack’s second ride and he was a very willing and happy horse.  There were many large deep watery mud crossings that both horses navigated with confidence.

Theeo 09/16/09
Theeo 09/16/09
Zack 09/16/09
Zack 09/16/09

There is a trail ride Sunday near Yankton that I posted on Horse ‘N Around.

Monday, September 14th: Yesterday was the horse day of the weekend.  Check out my story called Jinx in the Treat Bucket drop down, Penny For Your Thought.  It was Zack’s first trail ride and a very interesting day, so the story was deserving of it’s own post.

Saturday I used Honor to pony the pony 1.5 miles and completed my daily chores.

A busy weekend, Friday was a rainy day, so during the dry time, my boyfriend and I trimmed trees.

My Front Yard
My Front Yard

Even though the sun is shining in this photo, there were cloud bursts off and on.  With help from a friend’s husband and the use of his trailer, DSCN2474it took 1.5 days to get the job done.  We ended up with some decent fire wood for next years camp outs. DSCN2470Thursday, September 10th: Tonight Zack had his first maiden line driving voyage.  We went 5 miles at walk, trot, and a little canter.  He was super and I’m ready to ride him on the trail.  Luckily his canter was really slow, as I’m not a runner and would have had some difficulty keeping up.  With all of the exercise that I’m getting, I feel like I should be in better shape!  We went up, down and in the the ditches, traveled on the road, met cattle, automobiles, doves and a neighbor and he even stood still while being surprised by an attack dog, he was perfect.  Thank goodness the dog was afraid of my whip.  You never know what could appear on an outing.

Wednesday, September 9th: This morning I needed to research horse manure collection.  It was rather interesting to see what comedy is involved in this serious endeavor.  For a good laugh, check out my Horse Diapers post under “Penny For Your Thought” in the Treat Bucket drop down menu.

After a rather tough day of work, I needed a relaxing ride.

Pretty At Peace
Pretty At Peace

Tonight, I rode Theena on her first maiden ride in the country.  We traveled 6 miles, trotting roughly 4 of them.  It was a beautiful evening and she traveled well with a couple spooks in the first quarter mile.  After that, she was confident and we took in new scenery and waved at many passerbys.  God is glorious!!!  Every moment with my horses is another gift from God!!  What a great ending to my day!!

Tuesday, September 8th: We’ve had such great weather, so tonight I ponnied the pony after some ground work.  A pretty quick evening, as the daylight hours are getting shorter.  More tomorrow.

Monday, Labor Day, September 7th: It was a great horse holiday.  I worked until the whistle sounded at 6 bells on Friday and then completed my daily chores.  Saturday I taught a riding lesson on Honor and line drove Zack 4 miles, while Barry rode Theena with us.  It was Theena’s first riding experience with someone other than myself and it went very well.  Sunday I rode Honor and Barry rode Theena 2.5 miles.  We conquered a water obstacle and I ponnied a new pony 1.5 miles.

What a cute guy, a 2 year old Haflinger/Hackney cross.  I think he’d make a great pony for riding lessons or pony companion for some special youngster.  (Click on the highlighted words to be directed to the link.)

Theeo Running To Meet Pony
Theeo Running To Meet Pony

Today I started working with the pony on the ground.  He caught on quickly, was very willing and was pretty confident through it all.  I also had a riding lesson on Honor, “bareback dressage”, and am sure to feel it Tuesday.  No fishing this weekend, but played a round of golf after my equestrian morning.

I added a clinic to the Horse ‘N Around page that is scheduled for October.

Big And Small
Big And Small

Wednesday, September 2nd: Fall is in the air today.  With a forecast of rain, I expect my activities to be mainly indoors.

As mother nature would have it, it didn’t rain today, so Theena had her first bareback ride.  A friend of mine can ride bareback and jump 2′ high jumps.  In admiration of her ability, a goal of mine is to be able to do the same.  If I can accomplish this, I think I’ll feel as though I am a good, balanced rider.

Today I added a dressage show and an organized trail ride being held in October, to the Horse ‘N Around page.

Monday, August 31st: Can you believe tomorrow is September already?  School has started, the days are getting shorter and cooler and like usual, I don’t want to think about winter, but it is on my mind.

We had great weather this weekend and I spent Saturday moving my boyfriends daughter to college.  She is a Freshman and I was very excited for her as I remembered my college experience.  After moving her, Barry and I decided to take a quick trip to the ever beautiful Missouri River.  It was very peaceful Saturday night, because the vacation season is coming to a close for the warmer weather tourists.  Sunday boded as a beautiful day and I didn’t want to leave.  If my horses and I lived by the Missouri River, I would be living in heaven!!

Tonight I updated the Horse ‘N Around page and added the Turner County Fair link for 2010 to the post listed under the Treat Bucket heading, Penny For Your Thought, “More Four Leggeds”.  Now that was a long sentence!

Wednesday, August 26th: Tonight I posted “More Four Leggeds”  in the Treat Bucket drop down under “Penny For Your Thought”.  The goats were so cute and fun to watch…

Today was a perfect day for a ride, so Jill and I rode 12 miles.  DSCN2277Theeo conquered his first water crossing and did the distance at a relaxed 2.5 hours.  The ducks were in the cat tails that were along the roads we traveled, so spooks were in abundance, which was great for confidence building.

DSCN2278We took about a 10 minute break to take pictures and enjoy our surroundings.

Tuesday, August 25th: Got to love it when a horse has such a willing attitude and happy disposition!!!  Today was Zack’s first bareback ride.

Zack's First Bareback Ride
Zack’s First Bareback Ride

I introduced him to leg pressure

First Use of Leg Pressure
First Use of Leg Pressure

to move forward, side pass and move his hind end.  Zack did GREAT!!  Two days in a row, wow!  Oh the JOY of horses!!!

Monday, August 24th: After taking the weekend off to camp and fish, today was a great “ground” day with my horses.  Honor and I taught a lesson tonight and gave his student her first canter and low jumping experience and the student had a blast.  After their lesson, I worked with Zack, line driving him for the first time, 4 miles at walk and trot down the gravel roads.  He was great, latching on to the bit and picking up the cues quickly.  We should be driving and riding in no time.  Not being a runner, I received a work out jogging to keep up with his trot, so we all had a GREAT evening.

There is a free clinic this Saturday in Brookings.  I posted the link and some information about the clinic on my Horse ‘N Around page.

Thursday, August 20th: Have you ever been to the Turner County Fair in Parker, SD?  Camels in South Dakota?  Yes, in fact there are and were, at the Turner County Fair!  Having visited the fair this evening, I will be posting a story and photos under the Treat Bucket heading in the drop down menu.  The story will be entitled, “More Four Leggeds”.  I highly recommend this fair for a “down home” community experience.  In this time of political upheaval, this was a great recess!!!  Enjoy!

Remember God’s gift to Noah?  After the fair, we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow.


I added the Hope Have Trail Ride and link in the Horse ‘N Around page.  A photo toward the bottom of this page wasn’t loading properly, so I “fixed” that too.  Hope you enjoy my site!

Wednesday, August 19th: Last night I finished the Rushmore State Morgan Horse Assn. newsletter.  This organization is in South Dakota and I am the Editor and Publisher of their newsletter.  Today, I posted the RSMHA Newsletter under Hoof Prints.  If you have some Morgan news that you would like to add, you can leave your comment and information on this page.

Monday, August 17th: Isn’t it amazing how every day is a glorious day when spent with horses?  My time with my horses is always GREAT and I am always amazed at the intelligence, personality and love these animals have to give!  No exaggerations here!

Today I rode Honor nearly 12 miles while ponying Zack.  We rode the ditches, roads, went through water crossings, trotted, rode with friends, what more could I want!  It was Zack’s first ponying experience this summer and I can say that we will be riding the trails soon.

Before The Ride, Honor & Zack
Honor & Zack Before The Ride
5 Miles Into Ride
5 Miles Into Ride

Sunday, August 16th: Wow, where does the time go?  It’s been over a week since I last visited my blog!!!  Crazy Days!!!

Summer was here in full force while I was on hiatus.  No riding, as I was too busy and it was extremely humid and in the 90’s.  We, my boyfriend and I, did go fishing, swimming and camping however, and had a blast.  I will be posting pictures and more recipes under the Treat Bucket heading soon.

This past week was the Sioux Empire Fair Horse Show.  I was busy with photographing the Morgan Show on Thursday and collecting the stats.  I will be posting this information and photos under Hoof Prints soon.

Tonight I updated the Horse ‘N Around page.  There are TONS of horsey events this fall and I am looking forward to enjoying a few.  Check out Horse ‘N Around for a listing of South Dakota’s Horse events.

Friday, August 7th: Yesterday was a rain day, so I updated and edited my blog.  Today I  added the Handi-Riders trail ride dates and link under Horse ‘N Around.  This is probably going to be a fishing/camping weekend, so hopefully I’ll have more photos and food info to post under “Treat Bucket” in the drop down, “Eat Like a Horse” Sunday night.

Wednesday, August 5th: I updated “My Herd” page and added some trail rides and a “Play Day” to the Horse ‘N Around page.  The “Play Day” in Beresford sounds like fun!  Anyone with info that they would like me to post, can let me know by entering comments on the bottom of this page.  For more trail rides, check out the SD Trail link under Trail Balzers in the right hand column.

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting a couple and their Spanish Arabians.  The mare RV Empress reminded me of what Xenophon’s description of what to look for in a young horse (war mount) was.  Very powerful, classic looking horses.  These horses are for sale and I have placed there information and photos in the drop down menu “Greener Pastures” located in “Treat Bucket” which is in the right hand column.

Tuesday, August 4th: Yesterday was a chores day and I edited a few of my pages.  Today, I added a page called “Horse Health”.  My mare contracted a sarcoid, so I started that page with information about them along with some photos.  Even though it is common thought that Grey’s are more prone to sarcoids, I have also seen them in chestnuts and they are not breed specific.  I hope you find this information helpful.

Sunday, August 2nd: Deciding that I didn’t like the most recent postings to be at the bottom of this page, starting today, they will be posted at the top. This may seem weird, as when you read through this page and reach “Day 1”, that is the first day of this blog and begins the postings for the first two weeks of this page.  Sorry for the confusion, part of my learning curve.

Today was interesting.  Theena and I worked with a trainer on the ground.  The goal was to help her develop muscle strength in the hindquarters so that she could maintain her balance and leads better.  We also wanted to work on her top line and outside muscles and softening.  Using my surcingle, britchen and crupper from my driving harness, I had created what some would call a natural balance system.  Note, that a balance training system may not incorporate a crupper.  However, using a crupper is standard with a driving harness.

This had worked really well with her in the past and I was expecting the same results as before.  If I could have read Theena’s mind tonight, I’m sure it would have been interesting.  As familiar as Theena is with a harness and unlike before, she kicked high to the sky during the canter and not just a few times, but more than I could count.  Submission was not in the cards without a work out.  Call it hormones or a change in the weather, it was a lesson of discipline, reward, her will vs. ours, alpha mare vs. human.  Thank goodness for a willing attitude!!  I guess I’d get bored if everything always went as planned.

Every day that I spend with my horses is a glorious day!!! God has blessed me so much with them and with the people that I have met through them! Yesterday, August 1st, I took a spontaneous trip to a place near Newcastle, Nebraska, Turkey Creek Ranch, for a day of trail riding with friends.   What a BLAST!!!  Being near the Missouri River, the terrain is hilly and beautiful.

Never having been there before, I decided to take Theeo,

Theeo Gazing

as I expected there would be hills and I figured that he wouldn’t have any problem negotiating them.  That was a good decision.  The hills we encountered at Turkey creek Ranch are many in number, steep and long.  Probably three times the elevation than what we are used to.

We were a group of 7, with 3 Morgans, 1 Arabian, 1 Paso Fino, 1 Paint and 1 Quarter Horse.

At The Peak
Friends At The Peak
What A View
What A View

It was a lovely day, cool, sunny, a slight breeze and with fairly dry trail conditions.

I estimate that we traveled 17 miles in 5 hours.  Theeo was in the lead most of the time, as his stride was larger than the rest.  Demoting his status as leader at a wooden bridge and a culvert crossing, I know what we need to continue working on.  All in all, we should be proud of what we accomplished.  It was a safe ride and Theeo really learned how to engage his hindquarters and managed the hills like a pro.  Another proud day!!

Missouri River, Nebraska Side

Day 1: You have reached a work in progress that is intended for horse lovers, pet owners, and connoisseurs of good food and libation.  As with most table talk, the topics are endless, but I will focus on publishing certain newsletters and information that I have found useful as well as humorous.  Stay tuned to watch me fumble through the blooming process of educating myself with this “new” tool.  God bless your patience!!

Day 2: I’m getting there.  Added a few Equestrian Organization hyper links and a limited show schedule under the Horse ‘N Around page.

Day 3: What a wonderful day!  Tonight I rode Theeo 11 miles in 2.5 hours.  We aren’t near ready for an endurance race yet, but it’s a start.  We had our first gallop and he was a blast!  We trotted 4 miles and cantered / galloped around 2 miles.  A slow poke at the beginning, his walk was free and fast to finish.

Day 4: Another super day!  God is GREAT!  Sharing my childhood dream of having a horse with other children has been very rewarding.  Today I taught line driving.  I think there is another future trainer in our midst.  Theena had 4 miles of line driving down the gravel road.  Made me realize that I haven’t walked and jogged that much in a while.  Going to sleep good tonight.     Trail Blazers and Horse ‘N Around aren’t linked to their posts correctly.  Spent a couple hours last night trying to figure it out.  Could it be the template?  I’ve tried everything except for the right thing. 🙂  Anyone know what I have missed?

Day 5: Been working on downloading photos to my blog.

Day 8: I’m back.  Took a couple of days off to enjoy a lovely weekend.  Today I edited this page and added more photos to the blogs, more links to the Equestrian Organizations and tried to figure out how to link the Hags On Nags page correctly.  Still having a problem with that.

Day 9: I posted over 30 links and created two new pages.  Can’t figure out how to make my “About” page my “Home” page.  Any takers?

Day 10: Tried to figure out how to make my pages link together properly.  Same problems as before.

Day 11: Took yesterday off to ride with friends and train.

Special Friends
Special Friends

It was another GREAT day!!  I only rode 12 miles in 3.5 hours, but we had needed to work on going through deep mud and murky water and the conditions were perfect.  It was a successful day.

Theeo & Me 7/23/09
Theeo & Me 7/23/09

Theeo was the leader and caretaker of the group and made me proud!

After all but one friend had left for the day, I took Theena out for a quick 4 miles in 40 minutes.

Theena & Me 7/23/09
Theena & Me 7/23/09

What a blast!!  God continues to bless me every day through my horses and friends!!!

Day 12: Another nice day.  Training my own horses, I started riding Zack today.

Zack 7/23/09
Zack 7/23/09

He did great, totally calm and trusting.  I rode him 15 minutes, walking turning and stopping.  Standing still for mounting and dismounting on both sides (I like 2 sided horses).  Good job Zack!   Theena worked on her balance, trotting and cantering over cavaletties, extension and softening, collection.  It is so rewarding to be a witness to the growth my horses make!

Two weeks: Well it’s already been two weeks since I started my blog.  I’ve learned many aspects of the software program and template that I’m using and continue to tweak and add more information.

I took Sunday off to fish and enjoy the Missouri River near Platte, SD.  It was a beautiful day and we had good fishing, but released them all.  We were blessed with the presence of a local resident, a Bald Eagle.  What an amazing creature, graceful, quiet and yet powerful.

In Flight
In Flight

Monday, I updated this blog with a yummy fish taco recipe under the “Eat Like A Horse” heading called “Going Green”.  I don’t like the way some of my headings are linking content, so I’ll be changing some of them this week.

Tonight, my friend Jill and I had a great ride.  We went 8 miles, me riding Theena

7/28/09 Theena, 8 miles
7/28/09 Theena, 8 miles

and Jill riding Lady.  After our ride, I started a bonfire and it became the “Bug Be Gone Fire”.  The horses were thankful for the bug eliminating smoke and gathered around to rest in it’s fog.

Bugs Be Gone
Bugs Be Gone

Theeo taking residence as the king of the hill,

King Of The Hill
King Of The Hill

led the way.  Not to worry, the horses weren’t in any danger.  Being dark, the photos look rather interesting.

Thursday already.  Wow how time moves quickly.  It rained yesterday, so didn’t ride.  Tonight however, was another great time of riding!  Jill and I went 10 miles.

I rode Theeo 6 and Theena 4 while Jill rode Cat the 6 and Lady 4.

What's That
What’s That

I felt bad for Jill on the 6 mile as Theeo was on the go and Cat was trotting a lot to keep up to his walk.


He reminded me of a race horse heading toward the gate keeping the burst of energy in check until the bell sounds.

Theena and Lady are a compatible pair with Theena

On The Move
On The Move

trotting behind Lady at a consistent speed and non stop for 1.5 miles.

Pace Setter
Pace Setter

Lady “puts Theena through the paces” and doesn’t tire.

Friday: I added a new post under Greener Pastures which is located in the right hand column under the drop down Treat Bucket.  This is an add for two local Tennessee Walkers for sale.

I also added a photo and changed some copy to my Going Green post located in the Treat Bucket.


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