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Fence Posts 2010

September 12, 2012

Sunday, December 26th: One advantage to not being able to sleep is being a witness to the splendor that abounds at 3am.  Still is the morning!  No noise, no movement, just peace and awe.  Another one of God’s great gifts, BEAUTY…

3am Sunday, December 26th

Saturday, December 25th: Christ Is Born!  Glorify Him!  Thanking God for all that is great and good and knowing that His mercy endures forever!  He created the horse.  My favorite video: The Loyalty of Arabian Horses (Desert Kings) Thinking about my spirit horse Rowdy, a Polish Arabian, this video reminded me of him.   I hope you enjoy the video.  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19th: Snow and Christmas.  Hard to believe!  Seems like only yesterday that I rode Lucky the pony on his first solo ride down the driveway and away from the home place.  That was Friday, December 3rd.  The last day before the snow fell and stayed.

It was a great evening.  In the low 50’s, a bit windy, but beautiful.  Hunters were out shooting their shotguns, so I wore my hunter’s orange.  The evening was perfect for a maiden, solo ride full of de-spooking and establishing leadership and confidence.  The weather was changing.

A front that was bringing cold temps and snow was just a few hours away.  I could see it on the horizon.  We traveled 2.5 miles with at least one mile of trot.  What a go getter.  As we neared home, I could hear pounding hooves, and the herd came galloping over the hill to meet us with Theena in the lead.  Lucky stayed calm and we ended our ride with pride.

Working every day with Blue, I took him for a stroll around the property today and trained some in the round pen.  He’s really latched on to me, and in the pen I don’t need a lead rope to keep him with me like a shadow, even stepping over 15″ logs rather than avoiding them.  Pretty smart boy!  Reminds me of Theeo.  He’s going to keep me on my toes.

Sunday, November 28th: Okay, almost a month went by since my last entry.  My bad!  Work has taken over my life.  Seems like all I do is work, eat and sleep.  Throw in half an hour for chores, ie, sanity and that is my life recently.  Not too bad really.  Giving thanks for a good life!!!  Yes, I worked Thanksgiving, but today was a great day off.  It may be the last “great” day for a while.  Sounds like winter is going to hit hard tomorrow.  That’s okay, I had a great day with the horses.  I rode Lucky 2 miles down the road with 30+ mph winds and new sites.  He’s really fun and I can’t wait to get him into his gaits!  We’ve gaited a few times and I could get used to the ride.  Makes me want to finish training others horses and get back to my own.  Ya right……….

A month ago, I acquired a creme Morgan gelding with glass eyes.  He’s 1.5 yrs old and 14.2 hands.


Going to be fun.  He’s very intelligent, smooth moving, alert, knows where his feet are and may be gaited.  Halter training him now while I finish up Lucky for his owner.  Blue is his barn name, and he will be a Christmas present for a special girl.  I am so blessed to be able to pass on such a gift.

Zack had an abscess in his right front coronary band about a month ago and it is growing out.

Zacks Abscess After 3 Weeks Growth

Friday, October 29th: 17 days since I last wrote on my blog, wow!  Maybe you guessed it, I’ve been enjoying this glorious Fall weather with my horses!  A huge landmark last Friday, the 22nd, Honor was ready to be back in service.  Having been nearly 3 months of recovery from Equine Potomac Fever for Honor, when I took the bridle out of the trailer, Honor opened his mouth to receive it before I was even ready.  He was eager for a ride.  We ponnied the pony 5 miles at walk, trot and canter.  Honor offered the canter during the 3rd mile and I was thrilled, especially not planning on asking him to do it.

Today was his second day of service, giving him a week off.  We ponnied the pony 6 miles at walk, trot and gallop in Newton Hills State Park.  Lucky couldn’t keep up at the gallop in the switch back, but we did really well.  It is so great to have Honor back to his happy self!

After ponnying Lucky for 6 miles today, I decided that he was ready for a maiden ride on the trail.  We rode 7 miles at walk and mainly trot.  He didn’t have any trouble keeping up with the larger horses and although he spooked a few times, he was happy to go and had tireless energy up and down the wooded trails.  I feel so blessed to know when the time is right to have a safe maiden ride.  He was really fun and gained a large amount of confidence.  I’m looking forward to a couple more weeks of riding him before he graduates from my hands to Anna’s.

Along with some nice rides the last few weeks, Theeo and Zack were lame this past week.  Zack strained a tendon in his left front leg and had an abscess in the front of his coronary band on his right front leg.  He’s pretty talented on two hind feet.  Theeo twisted his right front knee a few days after Zack came up lame, so I assume that they had been playing, tearing up the pasture in the cool fall weather.  The timing was interesting, because no sooner was Honor back into service when they “decided” to come up lame.  Crazy boys……. they all were back to normal tonight.  More than likely, it will take roughly 6 months for the abscess to be eliminated from Zack’s hoof wall.  I don’t expect it to cause any more lameness now.

November 13th, Heartland Ventures is sponsoring what looks like to be a “won’t want to miss” Horse Fair.  You can find a link to their flier in my Horse ‘n Around.

Tuesday, October 12th: Tonight I updated “Lucky’s Progress”.  Now that the horses are moved, settled in and the weather superb, I have had time to RIDE!  It has been a long, wet year with very limited equine activity until now.  The last couple of weeks, I have been able to ride Zack, Theena & Theeo on two trail rides and work with Lucky.  What a blast.  I can hardly believe that it is October 12th.  If this is global warming, I like it!!

Columbus Day Ride 2010, Newton Hills State Park

Tuesday, October 5th: Although it was really windy today, it was just beautiful, especially for October.  Today I worked with Lucky and updated “Lucky’s Progress”.

It’s been one month and 4 days since Honor was diagnosed as having Equine Potomac Fever.  It’s hard to believe that he has had 34 days of recovery already.  This morning I updated his story:  Equine Potomac Fever and Honor

Saturday was a glorious evening.  It was peaceful, not so many bugs and the sky was pink and blue from the sun going down.

Happy, Healthy Horses, 10/2/2010
Theena & Honor In The Foreground, 10/2/2010

Thursday, September 30th: Wow, the last day of September.  I can hardly believe it!  The weather is just BEAUTIFUL!  Maybe our Fall weather will make up for the wet year 2010 has been.

I updated the Horse ‘N Around page today.  If you have an event that you would like posted let me know.

Shawn Flarida, Top Finisher, WEG, USA Team Reining  Photo by Shawn Hamilton

Wednesday, September 29th: Really, it’s Thursday already, but I started this story on Wednesday.  My horse move is complete and they are happy in their new home.  The area I moved the horses to is lush, rolling hills, some trees, a creek, stock pond, electric waterer, shelter, paddock, yard light, electric fence, steel building with concrete floor.  What more could I ask for?  Absolutely nothing.  I am so thankful for my friends and this place that I had to finish the story no matter how long it took.  Locating old photos to post, took some time, but it’s done.  My new story is called On The Move, 9/24/2010.  The story is located in the Hoof Prints page.  Hope you enjoy.  Now I’ve got to hit the hay!

Monday, September 27th: As found in USA Today, The US Reining Team won the gold!!  Reining was the first Discipline competed in at the World Equestrian Games Saturday.  The Lexington-Herald Leader Kentucky as the official print media sponsor, has some great coverage of WEG.  Another source for TV coverage of the WEG is FEITV.  While researching other sources for WEG media coverage, I found  They have an informative story about Maria Alvarez Ponton of Spain.

Maria Alvarez Ponton Riding Nobby Photo Courtesy of Leslie Potter

She won the individual portion of the WEG Endurance Race.

Today I updated Honor’s story:  Equine Potomac Fever & Honor He isn’t progressing as well as hoped.  I hope he isn’t having residual complications from the disease.

Thursday, September 23rd: Well on our way to 3″ of rain.  Some places have had hail the size of grapefruits that smashed rear windows and windshields out.  Weather Extreme!

Talk about extreme, this weekend is the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Lincoln, NE.  The World Equestrian Games start this weekend too.  They will be broadcast on TV for those of us who can’t go but want to watch.  The broadcast schedule is located at:  EVENTING NATION.  For the first time in history, Morgan horses will be competing at WEG with Driver David Saunders.

Driver David Saunders
Team Morgan Driven By David Saunders

Information about this team can be viewed at: Let’s keep our fellow equestrians in our thoughts and prayers during these events.  God Bless America!

Today I updated the Horse ‘N Around page.  On October 1 – 3, there will be a good ride that is also a benefit for breast cancer support.

Wednesday, September 22nd: I wrote a story today entitled “What Lies Beneath”.  It’s about my experiences this year with our wet weather and especially my tractor experience today.  Yes, pictures included.  Get ready for a laugh toward the end of the story.

Friday, September 17th: Today I updated Honor’s story, Equine Potomac Fever & Honor.  We received another couple inches of rain this week.  Once Potomac is present in a pasture, it has been observed to occur again in the same pasture.  I’m thankful that none of the other horses contracted it!

Yesterday was full of nature.  As I left my home, there was a White Lined Sphinx Moth caterpillar inching its way on the side walk.

White Lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

It was 3″ long and doomed to be stepped on, so I moved it.  Having never seen one before, I was pleasantly surprised.

On my way to chores, I saw a baby snapping turtle crossing the road.  It was about the size of a clementine.  Not having time to take a picture of it, I sped by.

On my way home after chores, there was a salamander on the road.  This is certainly the year for amphibians!  We have frogs galore in addition to salamanders and turtles.

Tuesday, September 14: Honor is on the mend.  I will update his story with new photos when he has visible weight gain.

It’s nice to be able to start putting my energy into another equine and person now, so Sunday I started teaching Anna how to line drive her pony Lucky.  I updated the story “Lucky’s Progress”.

Anna and Lucky

Considering her first time out away from the acreage line driving and Lucky’s time away for a month or more, it went really well.  We line drove a mile as the evening descended.  I miss the longer lit days.

Friday, September 10: Second post for the day.  I updated Honor’s story with current news and photos.  The rest of the herd is happy and healthy.  They received their first apples of the season this evening.

Friday, September 10th: I started this day writing about Honor and how Equine Potomac Fever had ravaged Him.  I have never seen anything deteriorate a horse as quickly as this virus consumed Honor.

Honor After 6 Days of IV Antibiotics

He is surviving and I wrote a story about this experience and disease entitled Equine Potomac Fever & Honor.  It is located under my Horse Health page and will be updated if there are any changes.  It has been an exhausting 10 days physically, emotionally and financially.  It’s really hard to know when to euthanize a loved equine companion!  I hope you find my story helpful.

Wednesday, September 1st: Almost a month since I’ve been here.  Much has happened in that months time.  Two shows, rain and more rain, searching for a new acreage, training, a bit of travel and HEAT with HUMIDITY!

The evening before our show at the fair, I was loading the trailer when this storm descended.

August Storm

I “rode” it out in the parking lot with the horses and was thankful for no hail and that the horses remained calm during the 60 mph wind.

During The Storm

It’s amazing how much nature instills upon us and we certainly could learn a lot from it if we were to pay attention.  I felt like I could touch the clouds it was so low to the ground.

Today I updated the blog and will need to start creating stories for the Hoof Prints page.  My Fence Posts page is so full of info that it’s bogging down the system.

Hope you all have a great Holiday!

Wednesday, August 4th: A team of 4 Morgan horses driven by David E.  Saunders will represent the US at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY next month.  To view a spectacular performance by David and his team click on this YouTube link:  David E. Saunders driving 4 Morgan Horses.  It is truly unbelievable!!!!!  WOW!!  Dressage isn’t just a mounted discipline.  David Drives Dressage 4 up as well.  Look at the legs of the horses, moving in complete time with each other.  I can only imagine what training, patience and talent it takes to create such a great team.

The Sioux Empire Fair is next week which means horse shows abound.  Unfortunately for the horse loving public, South Dakota seems to fall short in the celebration of the horse and their equestrians.  My question is WHY?

There are so many fairs that celebrate the horse, one would think that perhaps South Dakota organizers would figure out what makes or breaks a horse event and implement what MAKES one.  For example, across the globe in Dublin, Ireland, this week begins Failte Ireland Dublin Horse Show.  You have to check this link out.  Now this is a fair with a HORSE SHOW!!!  I just about crapped when I saw that Monty Roberts was one of their clinicians, go figure!  Credit for sharing this Dublin Horse Show information with me goes to my friend Betty.  Although we haven’t been fortunate enough to span the globe and ride together yet, I consider her a riding buddy and added her to that page.

Betty competed in a Team event on Sunday.  They had a double clear round and came in 4th.  Go Betty!!!

Betty on Prince in Ireland

Monday, August 2nd: Water, water, water.  The pastures are GREEN and floating.  I feel bad for the people that have had their homes and personal property destroyed because of flooding.  Thankfully, my home has remained dry, especially considering that I do not have a sump pump.  This morning we received another 2″ of rain.

Saturday was an early day.  Morning came when the alarm sounded at 4:30 am and I was up and out getting Honor ready for his student’s first show.  It was an extremely hot and humid day.  I knew I wasn’t managing the heat very well when I developed goose bumps and the chills three times during the day.  Sunscreen kept me from getting burned but the heat was still HOT.  Yes, I was wearing a large brimmed hat and keeping hydrated.

At the show, Honor and his partner did great!  They performed so well, that the judge didn’t notice that Honor’s equestrian was queueing him to pass the smaller horses in the ring.  They got docked for this, and after the fact, the judge told me that she “wished that I would have told her that I had told my student to pass the slower horses, before hand”.  They would have received a better score……  Hey, they did a Great job regardless!!!  Very proud!

Friday, July 30th: Five more inches of rain last night!  That makes it roughly 10″ of rain in three days.  I’m loosing count!  I may be wading down the gravel road to check on my horses.  Well, I drove through it instead.

This intersection, on the other hand, is probably going to be impassable for a couple of weeks.  I have visited with friends that can’t leave their homes because all the roads to their houses are flooded and washed out.  This is CRAZY!  I think I’ll go on a photo hunt.  At least we have not had hail and tornadoes to boot.  Vivian, SD had hail the size of footballs last week!  A world record, hail stones nearly 2 pounds each.  The hail blasted holes through roofs, windows, walls…… Can you believe??????  No one was injured, yea!

Thursday, July 29th: I have a nice, flooded arena.  Tuesday the arena was dry enough to use so I taught a riding lesson, then MORE RAIN!  Apparently the rain is going to continue to fall.  The acreage had another 3.5″ in the last 48 hours.  Water obstacles are abundant, so may as well take advantage of them.

Yesterday I taught a riding lesson and my student and I rode 4 miles crossing puddles, managing water filled ditches and dodging slithering garter snakes.

Today I taught another riding lesson in the rain.   My student rode 4 miles at Newton Hills with some friends, while I walked behind them, line driving Lucky the pony, through mud that was half way up my calves.  Since Lucky HATES mud and being last in line, this was a perfect day for his training.  After many fits of rearing, stomping, jumping, backing, spinning, and whinnying behavior, he decided that he’d manage those muddy messes at least for the remainder of this particular day.  Thank goodness he didn’t give me a mud bath…..  Soaked to the bone, that, my student and friends were, we were proud that we stuck it out.

Monday, July 26th: Tonight I’m going to start getting ready for a show, so am going to try to turn the round pen into an arena.  Hope it’s finally dry!

Saturday, July 24th: It was a gorgeous day.  Mild temps and the humidity dissipated in the afternoon.  I taught a 3 hour riding lesson and trained Zack.  The sunset cast pink on some storm clouds that were forming in the east, many miles away.   A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Thursday, July 22nd: FEI has an interesting transportation to Singapore web cast.  Notice no shipping boots……. You can check it out at:  The last few nights I’ve been updating the RSMHA (Rushmore State Morgan Horse Assn.) web site too.  Check out the two new newsletters.  Pretty fun stuff.  Thanks to everyone for submitting their photos and stories!

Last night the pasture received 4″ of rain in an hour.  Tonight the gravel road was still flooded with water running over it at 9pm, nearly 24 hours after the rain fell.  One mile of gravel that runs east / west was washed out to the dirt the majority of the distance.  Oh to have been in it……. needless to say, the horses were waiting at the gate for me when I arrived.  Mud, water, insects, an all to familiar situation this year.  Amazing how we can go from a severe drought to severe flooding in one year.  I wonder where the rainbow is?

Today I had a great visit with a friend that is one of two Para Dressage Stewards in the United States.  She is participating as a Steward for the Para Dressage portion of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in September.  I am so excited for her and wish I could have managed to be there too!  Reality bites some times………….

Wednesday, July 21st: It is so rewarding to share the love of horses and equine sports with friends from around the world.  Today I visited with a friend from Ireland and am honored to feature her and her horse in my header.  She competes in hunter jumper, hacks many trails, fox hunts and her love for equine sports and her horse is apparent and a joy to see.These photos were taken at a cross country camp this summer in Ireland.Tuesday, July 20th: It feels like Fall.  Two days of HOT summer this past weekend and now it’s cooler, the pastures are turning brown in areas, cicadas are buzzing and it’s Fair season!  Wow!

I’ve had this blog for a year now, hard to believe.  Makes me realize what I have accomplished and what’s still in the works.  Without indoor facilities, I’m behind where I would like to have been because of the weather.  This year has been a weather extreme.  Talk about extreme, the Extreme Mustang Makeover is in our neck of the woods this September.  I highly recommend going to this event.  Craig Cameron and the EXCA Extreme Cowboy Race is being featured, so it poses to be a great time.  Check out the information on my Horse ‘N Around page.

Honor After His Bath, Already Drying It's Soooooo Hot
Honor After His Bath, Already Drying Its Soooooo Hot
Zack After His Cooling Bath
Zack After His Cooling Bath

Sunday, July 18th:

Theeo Posing After His Rinse Down

Hot, hot, hot.  Bugs, bugs and more bugs.  Tis the season for baths, fly spray and fly sheets if you are into that type of clothing.  I have to wonder if the fly sheet keeps the mosquitos off and if it traps the heat in.  Anyone know, please inform me.  The horses that I see wearing the sheets always have their heads hung, but they aren’t stomping.  The mosquitos have been fierce, leaving welts all over my equine companions.  Then there is the “horse fly” or that is what some of us are guessing they are.  It is a huge, 2″ long, black, flying insect that sucks the horses blood and is hard to kill.  It is several time larger than a deer fly.  Today I smashed one and stomped on it and it still flew away.  The next time I saw one, I made sure it was dead, ground up in the gravel.  This flying insect is new to my neck of the woods and leaves a terrible welt on the horse.

I’ve been trying to get a group shot and to no avail, this is the best one so far:My Herd and MeTonight I updated the Horse ‘N Around page.  It’s really hard to believe that it is nearly fair season.

Friday, June 11th: My days are turning into weeks which are turning into months.  This past week I was at the FCC Willow Creek Rodeo Bible Camp in Sioux Falls.  This event is a fun filled, christian worship, young horse enthusiast, three nights and four days educational experience.  Horse owners and non horse owners can be involved, sharing their horses or their talents with children that want to spend time with horses in a christian environment.

Children learn to care for, tack up and ride horses.  They learn christian fellowship, horsemanship, patterns, roping and bull riding.  For anyone interested in attending next years event, contact Pam at:  605-941-5674, Willow Creek, PO Box 475, Harrisburg, SD 57032.

If your horses are experiencing skin problems, check out my Horse Health page.  Tonight I wrote a segment about a treatment that has worked on my horses to cure “scratches”.  I also included two links to a couple of articles that I found helpful.  Photos will be posted later.

Tuesday, May 18th: YEA!  Wonderful weather, FINALLY!!!  This entire weeks forecast is probably as perfect as it gets in South Dakota.  Mid to upper 70’s, not much wind and DRY!

Sunday, Monday and today, I took advantage of the splendid weather and taught riding lessons and trained Lucky.  This morning the vet came out and administered shots, floated teeth and gave Honor and Theeo a chiropractic adjustment.  A health segement and photos of todays events will be produced soon.

All in a GREAT days “work”…….  when work feels like play, then you know it was a great day and one must be in their element!  THANK YOU Lord for the super memories!!

A perfect end to Tuesday evening!

Thursday, May 13th: Rain, Rain go away!  Tuesday I opened up the “high ground” pasture” as the other two pastures were under water and a muddy mess.  Squish, squish, squish was the sound I made as I walked the fence line before I opened it up and couldn’t believe that there was water standing in some places even in this pasture.  The pasture is like a sponge and is water logged!

Even so, the horses were thrilled to be out of the mud and in an area where they could run and play without taking a mud bath.  You can see from the picture of Theeo today, that mud still abounds but so does the play.

Tonight I wrote a story “Robin Saved From Netting” and posted it along with the other stories in the Hoof Prints page.

Wednesday, May 4th: Okay, a month has passed since I last posted any information.  I have much to post as there has been plenty of activity in my life.  Here’s a link to a new story I just wrote called “Wet Spring On Fire”.  Seems like I could write a dozen more.  Where to find the time?

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time with a friend and enjoyed the outdoors.  The ticks are out!  It was a beautiful spring day and I was able to enjoy hiking and exploring without any thought of WORK!  I even had my first sighting of a leather back turtle.  It was roughly the size of a large round serving tray.

The horses look the best that they have looked in the past three years!  I am very happy because they are happy.  When horses are allowed to be horses with a balance of work and play, forage and rest, what a pay off!  God is GREAT and GOOD and I am so thankful that He is the Master Gardner.

Easter Sunday, April 4th: CHRIST IS RISEN!!!  It’s a pleasant spring day in Sioux Falls, SD.  Current temp is 58 F with a breeze of 10 to 14.  The sun is trying to burn off the hazy sky but with a chance of rain forecast for tonight it may continue to be a hazy lazy day.


More HORSE ‘N AROUND next weekend.  I updated that page to include the link to the Quarter Horse Show that will be here.

Saturday, March 20th: Yea!  It’s Spring!!  Today is the first day of Spring and the first full day of the SD Horse Fair.  It was a great day, as it was sunny and the temps were in the lower 40’s.

I finally published my winter story in the Hoof Prints menu.  It’s called January Thaw 2010.  It sure is a bummer when the auto save isn’t working right and I have to start half over.  The computer and cyber space, a love / hate relationship.  Happy Spring!!

Sunday, March 14th: Okay, so time flys when I’m busy….  I updated the Horse ‘N Around page and finally posted some stories in the Hoof Prints menu that I had written some time ago.  They are also in the “Treat Bucket” listing, but I don’t think they were very accessible there depending upon the type of browser being used.  Let me know if you enjoy my stories.

Spring Pasture

Anyone want to go fishing?  We don’t need a boat or to travel very far.  One of my friends told me today that the Sioux River left roughly a 5 pound walleye in her pasture last night.  Bless her heart for getting it back into the river which had receded 4′ after it deposited the fish.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t dead and it swam away.  She said that she would have had it mounted if she would have been “into” fish.  I would have eaten it!

These pictures were taken in our lower pasture known as the “dry lot”.

Melting Snow
“Dry Ground” Lucky & Honor

Thursday, February 18th: Do you ever wish that time would slow down?  Apparently scientists have proof that as we get older, time is in fact going faster.  It used to be thought that the earth and our universe was going to get sucked into a black hole.  A few years ago though, it was discovered that the earth and universe were speeding away from something instead.  Like being shot out of a cannon and the farther away we are from the “center” the faster the earth and time moves.  Interesting that we are gaining inertia the farther away we go…… antigravity perhaps?

Enough science, tonight I finally finished the RSMHA newsletter, updated the Hoof Prints page, Morgan Horses For Sale post and RSMHA web site.  With two sunny days in a row and very little wind, the snow started to thaw and with it brought spring fever.  The forecast for Monday looks like riding weather even.  Another sign that spring isn’t too far away is that the horses are starting to shed.

I have to admit that I’m a bit leery of the spring thaw, as I’ll probably be able to go fishing in the pasture considering the amount of rain we had in October and the amount of snow we’ve had this winter.  Granted, if I could ride my horses to the Missouri River, hop in a boat and go fishing, I would feel like I was in heaven.  A pasture turning into a pond is a whole different matter.  Where’s Noah’s ark?

Honors Beautiful Lashes

Wednesday, February 3rd: In January, I was nominated and elected as the Secretary/Treasurer for RSMHA.  This title is in addition to me being the Editor for the RSMHA Newsletter and the AMHA Liaison.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t do anything half way.  So, even though I am recovering from bronchitis, tonight I developed a web site for the Rushmore State Morgan Horse Association.  Either I’m crazy or I’m feeling better.  It’s probably both.

Saturday, January 3oth: This month has been a busy one.  Snow, wind, below zero temps, then a nice January thaw.  After the thaw, more snow, wind and below zero temps.  The weather made for some spectacular photos, of which I felt like I couldn’t take enough of to get the full effect of nature’s beauty.  Throw in a mountain range, and I would have thought that I was in Switzerland this month.  Because of the beautiful images the thaw caused, I’ve been working on a winter post.  I hope to have that completed soon.

Tonight I updated the Horse ‘N Around page.  There are several events this spring, one happening as I write this, in Rapid City, SD.  It’s amazing to think that the FEI World Equestrian Games are going to be held in the US this year!! Another once in a lifetime event to go visit and put on my “TO DO” list.  I posted the link in my Horse ‘N Around page.

Zack and Theeo
Zack and Theeo

The horses are faring well.  No shivering, fighting or injuries this winter.  It has been a great blessing to be “in control” of the lodging conditions that my horses experience.  What a peaceful experience 2009 has been and I look forward to the same in 2010.

Thursday, January 7th: I can’t believe that nearly two weeks have past since Christmas!  I was hoping that there would be more time for rest and relaxation during the holidays, but it was as busy as ever.  Today was by far the toughest chore day, with extreme cold, wind and drifting.

1st Blizzard In January, 2010

Tonight I updated a sales list under Greener Pastures located in the Treat Bucket.  It’s called Gaited Horses For Sale.

During the Christmas holiday, we received enough snow that it kept myself, Barry and Kerry busy moving snow for several days.  There was some fun during this time with the horses and Lucky gave Anna three bareback riding lessons.  The first one was on Monday, December 28th and I wrote a story about it in the post called Lucky’s Progress located in the Treat Bucket drop down menu Penny For Your Thought.

Yesterday brought more snow and with wind gusts of 45 mph and bitter temps in the negative digits, it’s been a challenge to keep up with snow removal.  Today, the heated electric waterer was frozen over and I expect the same for tomorrow.  It’s a comfort to know that the horses are smart enough to use their hoof to break the ice.  I just hope the dispenser doesn’t start to leak or shatter in the bitter cold.  This winter has truly been more of a challenge then in the past several years.

Tuesday was the calm before the storm.  Even though it was only 6 degrees and falling, the evening was majestic.  It was completely still, spellbinding and quiet like one would expect in the wilderness.

I stood in amazement as the horses fed and the sun was setting, feeling completely at peace and contented in the evening descension.  What a warming memory.


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