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September 12, 2012

Thursday, July 21st:  Today had it’s moments of tears as I mourned the loss of a dear friend that passed away on the 20th.  She was an accomplished equestrian that touched the lives of countless children, men and women.  She is the 5th friend in 6 years to pass away from breast cancer.  She was so full of youth and dedication, that every day seemed like the first day of the rest of her life.  I am astounded at how many women this disease brings home to heaven.  Wonderful women that I will always honor and have fond memories of on a regular basis.

In honor of her death, I needed to bond with my horses this evening and I took Blue out with Honor.  We met up with a friend and rode 5 miles and paid tribute to our horse lover friends that have taken the trail to heaven and the friends that we still share our earthly trails with.  May God keep us all in His care and provide us peace to continue until it is our time to go home.

Wednesday, July 13th:  Great summer with many equine activities.  Last Sunday the SESDHSA Show was packed.  Although it was 95 and humid, the participation was awesome and the show was fun to watch.

Trainer Sandy Hart on Bambi a Four Year Old Morgan Mare

At 5:30 I had a riding lesson on Theena with an instructor from the Twin Cities.  We are behind in our training so it was great to have a riding lesson after a 2 year absence of them.  We worked on leg yields, softening and bending and started to break in the new arena.  Thankfully, the arena is located in a well shaded area surrounded by trees so we weren’t too drenched.

Theena, Seven Years Old on June 22nd

Theena and I have been working on lateral work, bending, softening and collection for the last 3 weeks.  We have also ridden down the road at walk, trot and canter accumulating a decent amount of miles.  This year I am concentrating on her training.

On June 23rd, I rode Honor and ponnied Blue 8 miles at walk and trot.  Blue’s croup is almost as tall as Honor’s and he is only 2.  He’s going to be a fun big boy.

Blue and Honor, Down the Road We Go

Zack’s hoof is growing out nicely and he’ll be ready for a ride in a week or two.  Theeo has energy to burn and I need to get him out on a fast long ride.

Tuesday, June 14th:  Flag Day.  Do you have your flag out?  The last couple days it has been raining which has put a “damper” on my riding and training.  I don’t have an indoor arena, so I’m really at the mercy of mother nature.  Sure am enjoying the cooler weather though.

Today I updated the Horse ‘N Around page.  The North Star Morgan Americana is coming up and should be an awesome event.

Zack’s hoof is doing great.  Last Thursday he received a trim that took care of most of the abscess.  I’m thankful that we didn’t have any additional lame days since the onset!  No need for shoes for this guy.  Can’t wait to hit the trails.

Sunday, June 5th:  The temp today was 91, but it was a dry 91 with wind, so the weather was good for another ride.  Theena and I worked on her softening, bending and hind end leads as well as rode 5 miles.  We walked, trotted and cantered, trotted through the water crossings and had a wonderful day!

Riding Down The Road, 6/5/2011
Blue Enjoying A Chew, June 6, 2011
Blue Enjoying A Chew, June 6, 2011

Blue worked on standing tied again and enjoyed chewing his lead rope.  I wonder if he is teething.

Saturday, June 4th:  Yesterday  I rode 8 miles in the forest.  It was a great afternoon/evening.  The weather was nice, the gnats were nasty however, so bring your vanilla if you are heading out.  My student Anna, rode her pony Lucky for the first time galloping on the trails.  She had a blast and advanced in her training 10 fold.  I rode Theena 6 miles and Theeo 2 miles.  Using a closer contact saddle on Theeo made quite a bit of difference in our performance.  We were in sync and floating fast across the ground. Can’t wait for more riding on Sunday.

Theeo and Me, June 3, 2011

Friday, June 3rd:  It’s great to have time to work on my website again!  Today I updated the Horse ‘N Around page, Hoof Prints page and my Home page.  I hope I can get some new photos of me for my Home page.  Anyone want to volunteer to be my photographer?

Wednesday, June 1st:  Although it rained on me for a bit during my ride, I had an awesome evening.  Because this page is getting rather long, I have been trying to create posts and include the links here.  Tonight I wrote about my day and Training My Own Horses.  I hope you will take the time to check out my story and enjoy it.

My Handsome Morgan Honor, 6/1/2011

I updated the Horse Health page and My Herd page.

Zack developed an abscess last Fall.  It will probably be another two months before it grows out.  I hope to ride and train today and take some more photos.

Zack’s Abscess, May 30, 2010

Tuesday, May 31st:  After a long working holiday, I am looking forward to riding and training this week.  Today I updated the local activities page:  Horse ‘N Around  There are many events to choose from.  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 26th:  Today I updated the story “Lucky’s Progress”.  Lucky and Anna are just about ready to be on their own.  Three more events to accomplish and they will graduate and move to a new home.

The farm where my horses are and this Spring, has yielded much better riding conditions then last year.  Although I feel like I’m a year or more behind in training and riding, the last couple of weeks I’ve been making some progress.  The week of May 1st, I rode 26 miles and trained a few horses and the pony.  Friday the 6th, I took Theeo, Theena and Zack to Newton Hills and rode all day.

Theeo and I went 6 miles at walk, trot, canter and buck.  Yes, Theeo likes to buck and we rode through it three times.  Theena and I only went a couple of miles, as I was enjoying riding Zack so much.

Zack & Me, 5/6/2011

Zack and I went 8 awesome miles.  A friend was along to help me get him started with his gaits.  With her help, Zack walked, single footed, trotted, paced and cantered.  It was a marvelous day and I could not have been more pleased!

Sunday, May 8th, our local Morgan club, RSMHA, held a trail ride.  My guest Sherry and I took Zack and Honor out for the day.  We rode roughly 4 miles with many different obstacles, changes in terrain, under a conveyor and across Split Rock Creek over culverts.  The ride was very educational and great training for Zack.  There were no incidents and it was a lovely day.

RSMHA Trial Ride 5/8/2011

Thursday, April 14th: Happy Spring!  It was for a few days any way.  This weekend the forecast is for low 20’s with rain/snow mix.  I think our season is a month or more behind the regular seasonal pattern.  Wind with gusts in the upper 30 mph range makes it not so enjoyable but keeps the mosquitos away.  Yes, mosquitos already.  Two weeks ago they were out in droves.  Three times larger then the normal size, they covered my furry friends and as we wiped them off, they left trails of blood on the fur.  Three times the size equals three times the blood and these mosquitos were full of it.  I have not seen the like and can only imagine how much worse they must be in more wet areas.

The pasture is growing along with hooves and it’s time for wormer, trims, shots, spring tune ups and fun!  Our SD Horse Fair was really nice this year.  We had around 21 breeds represented as compared to 5 breeds last year.

Irene Graves of “Reins and Lines” training Anna Harness and Driving at SD Horse Fair

I think higher fuel prices have kept the traveling professional equestrians nearer to home as when I visited with our RSMHA booth guests, many were from areas that decided not to travel to the larger metropolises to visit those horse fairs this spring.  We are glad for the support and hope for another successful fair in 2012.

Attached is a link for an article about saddle rigging and fit:  Saddle Rigging    Our horses bodies change during the seasons due to exercise, lack of, age, etc and it’s always a good practice to check your saddle fit to your horse before every ride in case there is a change in your horses shape or need for repair to your saddle or rigging.  This is great accident prevention practice.  How many of you have gone on a bucking ride because the saddle was pinching your horse?  I have three saddles for four horses.  One of my saddles has a flexible panel system which I love, but it is still too narrow for one of my horses.  Not one horse in my herd has the same shape and they change with exercise, age and the season.  I hope you find this information helpful and have a wonderful safe ride!  Got helmet?

Wednesday, March 16th: Okay, more like I’m getting a posting once a month.  Sorry for so much time in between.

Last Friday, the 11th, the snow and ice started to melt and expose some earth.  The snow geese started to pass through on their way up north.  Their dance in the air was beautiful as there were thousands of them, several groups within a 14 mile distance.  Their white bellies and wings tipped with black mirrored the landscape as the snow melted and exposed the soil below.  What a beautiful site.  Interesting too, this was the first day of the Sioux Falls Sportsmen’s Show.  What a great way to start the day and set the mood!  Needless to say, women enjoy this show too.

The trees at the farm were filled with black birds.  When I stepped out of my car, they flew into the pasture and when they landed the pasture became black, there were so many.  Loud too, I must say.  A lone magpie flew along the tree line near the gravel road.  We don’t normally have those in our area so that was a pretty interesting site.  I’d heard it calling from the trees and thought I was hearing things until I saw it fly away.

Hard to believe St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.  As the snow melted today and the ice is nearly gone, I noticed my rhubarb is starting to peak through the mulch.  Yesterday I saw my first robin(s), two of them in my front yard.

South Dakota Horse Fair is this Friday thru Sunday.  It should be a better fair then last year.  Many more breeds being exhibited and our local Morgan club has two national award winners that will be present.  A Therapy Horse of the Year and an award winning Morgan horse breeder.

I can’t wait to get back in the saddle!  I’ve never been so tired of a winter as I am of this past one.  Raining 2″ a few weeks ago leaving that same amount of solid ice for 3 weeks. Two hundred, yes, 200 pounds of ice melt and manual labor to try to eliminate it and I gave up.  Praise to a good samaritan for coming and using a skid loader to remove the ice from my drive way!  It is on a slope on the north side.  With 2″ of ice at the top and 6″ of ice at the bottom, it was beyond my capabilities to clear.  Blessings to this unidentified person!  Thank you for your help!!

Theena, Before The Thaw

Thursday, February 17th: Time flies when shoveling snow, hauling water, feeding loose hay and work, work, work.  Yes, hauling water.  In below zero temps no less.  Thank goodness for friends!!!

Spring is springing this week and I finally have a couple of days to enjoy it.  Yea!!  The horses have spring fever too, as they are spunky and full of energy.  Yesterday I line drove Theena off the home place.  I wanted to ride her, but sensibility ruled.  She hadn’t been down the road at this place before and was curious of her new surroundings and wanting to move out, up and out (rearing, tossing head…).  Over the winter, she has grown into herself, commanding a presence and has her floating trot back.  Yea!!

“Wait”, what’s that?  It’s amazing how soon we all forget, including the horses.  Wait means “stay”, “stand”, “stop moving”, not quite the same as woah, but what ever works to remind the horse to allow me to be the leader.  To wait for my cues, pay attention to me.  A great spring “brush up” is refreshing with “wait” reminders.  This is a good article to read regarding this:  Train Your Horse To Wait

Thursday, January 6th: Happy New Year!!  2011 is sure to be a better year then 2010.  The weather is already better than it was this time last year.  It almost seems as though spring may come a month earlier because we had January temps in November.  May be wishful thinking, but  there have been two thaws in the last 30 days.  Global warming perhaps?

Horses are doing great.  Can’t wait to ride!  Been training Blue and Lucky and getting Lucky well acquainted with Anna in the saddle.  Thank you Lord for such wonderful experiences!  Today is the last day of Christmas.  Remember the 12 days?  They start on Christmas Eve and go through January 6th.  This is also known as Epiphany.  Christ is born!!


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