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Two Birds In One Week

October 4, 2012

Thursday, October 4th:  This is really strange.  I’ve never been much of a bird watcher or had the opportunity to experience holding one in my life except, for when I saved the robin, and now twice in one week I have held and helped two birds.  This morning while I was getting ready for work, I heard a “thunk” and thought, “what was that?”.  Upon investigation, I found a Downy Woodpecker trying to recover from flying into a window.

I picked it up and took in inside to investigate its health.  This poor bird hit so hard that I worried that it had broken its neck.  Its feet were shriveled up and it couldn’t keep it’s eyes open.  Being a chilly 36 outside, I hoped that the warmth of being inside and cradled in my hand would revive this little bird.

Several minutes went by and again, I photographed this lovely creature cradled in my hand and photographed it’s progression to health.  Comparing the recovery time between this bird and the warbler, I was getting concerned.  This ones recovery time was taking longer.

Deciding to get a box ready and potentially taking this woodpecker to get help, I gently caressed it, picked it up and prayed.  When I was getting ready to place it into the box, I felt its right foot come to life.  YEA!  Encouraged, I picked it up, out of my left hand, to have a look and it tried to hop.  Feeling hopeful, I took it outside and shortly thereafter, the left foot awoke.  It seemed still groggy, so I put it in a planter for safe keeping and after a few more minutes of a photoshoot, it hopped up onto a leaf, chirped and then flew into a tree.


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