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Beware of Waterers

November 10, 2012

Today I was trying to find the thermostat inside our new Ritchie horse waterer and was electrocuted and knocked out.  I heard a pop and felt a jolt to my heart and everything went BLACK.  I said “NO, I am not going to die and I am going to wake up NOW”, and I woke up.  I was talking on the cell phone with the installer when I was electrocuted.  When shocked, my body immediately went completely limp, dropping the phone and as my head was falling to the ground, my top front teeth hit the waterer.

Always having had an appreciation for life, I now have a memory that will remind me how we can be alive and enjoying this world one minute and in a second be dead and gone to our family and friends.  Pretty SHOCKING, no pun intended.  Tonight my heart is racing and my left arm feels strange but if my determination has anything to do with my ability to stay in this world, I’ll be here for a long time.  

Next time I need to adjust the thermostat in the waterer, even though it shouldn’t be necessary, I am going to turn off the breaker.  I’ll also be wrapping the bare wires that I apparently touched so that this is less likely to happen in the future.

God Bless and BE SAFE! 


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