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Robots Vs. Humans

November 28, 2012

Do you want to buy a robot that will fold your clothes, mix batter and do other household chores.  Hmmm, sound like a deal?  They are for sale for $400,000 according to CBS This Morning.  Consider this:  Purchase a robot that requires energy, storage space (robot bedroom) maintenance and is awkward and slow, for $400,000.  Add sales tax in South Dakota and the robot would cost you $424,000.  Compare:  Hire a human that can feel, hear, smell, see, think, save your life, move faster and more efficiently etc. for, lets say, $35,000 a year for 12 years.  No housing required and depending upon the way in which the human is hired, no taxes required by the customer.  I’d rather employ a HUMAN for 12 years!  Shelf life of the robot?  Add water and it would last a few minutes?  Wonder if there is ROBOT HEALTH INSURANCE?  HeHeHeHe


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