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2012 Fence Posts

January 29, 2013

Saturday, November 17,2012:  It’s been a busy several weeks preparing for winter.  We don’t have any snow and that is a great blessing even though we are living in the worst area of the South Dakota drought.  Without snow, there is one less obstacle to contend with.  We were able to fence in our pasture during the last three weeks.  The pasture is dirt and weeds, but the horses have room to run and I don’t have to clean out a dry lot every day.  Having planted 5 varieties of grass seed the Wednesday after Mother’s Day, we received one measurable rain before our first freeze.  One variety of grass germinated and the other 4 are hopefully just dormant until it rains enough for them to sprout.  Strange thing, while we were putting in the fence posts, 4 feet down we hit water.  There’s an aquifer that runs under ground so the top few feet are bone dry and cracked and  then there’s a plethora of water.  With the bit of freezing that has happened, the water is being drawn up to the surface and there are some muddy places now.  We’ve considered using this water source to irrigate the pasture but have the wrong kind of soil and poor drainage.

This evening I had some time to work on my blog and enjoy a bit of horse history.  Sgt. Reckless is a Mongolian racehorse mare that the US purchased to assist during the Korean War.  This is well worth the view so I hope you take a few minutes to check out this link.

As the American Thanksgiving approaches, I am reflecting on all of the great gifts that God has bestowed upon His people and myself.  I pray that you are blessed and share in a celebration of gratitude in your special way.  May there be a great Thanksgiving all around the world.  God Bless!

Thursday, October 4th:  This is really strange.  I’ve never been much of a bird watcher or had the opportunity to experience holding one in my life, except for when I saved the robin, and now twice in one week I have held and helped two birds.  This morning while I was getting ready for work, I heard a “thunk” and thought, “what was that?”.  Upon investigation, I found a Downy Woodpecker trying to recover from flying into a window.

I picked it up and took in inside to investigate its health.  This poor bird hit so hard that I worried that it had broken its neck.  Its feet were shriveled up and it couldn’t keep it’s eyes open.  Being a chilly 36 outside, I hoped that the warmth of being inside and cradled in my hand would revive this little bird.

Several minutes went by and again, I photographed this lovely creature cradled in my hand and photographed it’s progression to health.  Comparing the recovery time between this bird and the warbler, I was getting concerned.  This ones recovery time was taking longer.

Deciding to get a box ready and potentially taking this woodpecker to get help, I gently caressed it, picked it up and prayed.  When I was getting ready to place it into the box, I felt its right foot come to life.  YEA!  Encouraged, I picked it up to have a look and it tried to hop.  Feeling hopeful, I took it outside and shortly thereafter, the left foot started to move.  The woodpecker still seemed groggy, so I put it in a planter located on top of a table for safe keeping and after a few more minutes of a photoshoot, it hopped up onto a leaf, chirped and then flew into a tree.

Friday, September 28th:  Today began and ended with two very delightful experiences.  Early this morning as I was enjoying a cup of coffee, I noticed a yellow-rumped warbler sitting on the landing.  It was very close to a sliding glass door and I thought it rather odd.  I approached it and noticed that it’s eye lids were closed.  Not sure if it was preparing to meet its maker or just taking a nap, I opened the sliding door.  The cat was curious sitting next to me, as it had also seen the bird.  The warbler only opened its eyelids for a peek and then closed them again.  It was rather chilly outside and I wondered if the bird had flown into the window and was trying to recover from the impact or if it was cold and trying to warm up on the wood surface.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Curiosity got the best of me and I reached down and picked it up.  It hopped into my hand and was totally relaxed.  Thinking about bringing it into the house and the possibility that it might wake up and fly around the home and be hard to catch, I brought it in anyway.  It was much warmer in the house and maybe it needed to be warmed up.

My hands were warm and the warbler seemed to be right at home.  The cat was curious and I let him take a peek.  Not to worry, this cat isn’t much of a predator.

The warbler and I commenced to have a photo shoot and while it was warming and waking up, it started to chirp and then made a deposit in my hand.  Much can be said for a good bm.  The warbler was feeling better.  After our photo shoot, I took it outside and set it on the patio table.  Soon after that, it flew up into a tree and the yellow-rumped warbler was free.

This evening a white-lined sphinx hummingbird moth graced my presence by dining on my petunias for dinner.  I had seen these interesting moths zooming around in the past, but never this close up.  This particular moth was so content with collecting the nectar from the petunias that I was able to get within inches of it and photograph it in action.  The hummingbird moth dined on the nectar for roughly 10 minutes until the dog just could’t resist an attempt at having it for dinner.  Snap, and off this intriguing moth flew.  To answer your question, no I would not have let the dog catch it.  God’s nature never ceases to entertain and amaze me.  The wonder of it all…

I wanted to share these stories with you before “they got away from me”.  After I download my photos from these experiences, I will post them.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27th:  This year has been full of activity other then riding my horses.  I’m in serious withdrawal. For nearly a year, Theena has been in need of a saddle that fits her.

Thornhill’s Vienna II Dressage Saddle

It’s been a work in progress to find and purchase the right one for us.  I posted the story and valuable saddle fitting information in an article I entitled Horseformation.  This and many other publications are located in my Hoof Prints page.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012:  It’s a chilly 36 degrees.  Our first frost of Fall arrived this morning resulting in frisky horses.  Honor and Blue are dancing together in circles with necks and heads arched and legs entangled in each others play.  Although Honor is light on weight, caused by the reduced ability to grind food because of his elderly teeth, he is frisky and happy in spirit.  I have never seen this side of him before and I feel very blessed!

Next on stage are Theeo and Theena in a theatrical canter, heads tossing, tails flapping and bodies bucking.  Pairing up and prancing around proud.  How fortunate I am to be able to witness their performance.  I wonder what presentation Zack and Lucky are concocting?  Off to work I go….

Thursday, September 13, 2012:  Yesterday it rained gently until about 4pm.  We received .5″ which was wonderful, especially when the sky was light and teased the preference to dry up.  The earth soaked up every last drop of moisture along with much noise pollution.  The traffic noise is nearly never ceasing and South Dakota’s winds blow during most week days, but as the sun was setting, the most amazing calm captivated me.  A beautiful fuchsia sky in the west and robins having a peaceful conversation in the east were the two most noticeable stimulants.  I stood in the yard with appreciation for God’s wonderful gifts and absorbed this environment into my being until the fuchsia sky turned gray as I breathed in the evening fragrances that were being born.  How delightful!  As I share this experience with you, I am again drenched in peace and wonderment.

After having experienced this glorious evening, I was inspired to update my events page, Horse ‘N Around.  Surprisingly, there is a nice line up for 2013 already.  It pleases me to find that some venues are active and gearing up for a new equestrian season.  You are invited to provide your equestrian event information for posting on my site.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012:  Pounding the turf in a bucking dead run, with rears thrown in for fun, the horses are frisky to say the least, in todays cooler, wet, autumn air.  The rain that I mention later in this post, lasted about 2 minutes. 😦  The clouds are thin and not yielding much moisture, a sprinkle here and there.  Bummer!

There is so much going on this year that the tales I want to tell makes me wish for a snow storm that requires “us” to stay home for a few days, with electricity, so that I can post MANY stories.  I can’t believe that I just wrote that.  Wish for a snow storm….?  For instance, the jousting program at the South Dakota State Fair was excellent.  I’ll be posting a story with photos that I’m eager to download, when the snow storm arrives….

I have had an exciting year,  oh my, it is RAINING!!!  YEA!!!  Thank you LORD!!  Most of the corn and much of the beans are already harvested in our neighborhood, so this rain won’t help with the current crops, but the ground is so parched that there are cracks a couple inches wide and over a foot deep that run for “miles”?  One doesn’t want to drop anything important, like keys, because they would disappear.

With extraordinary heat and dry conditions in South Dakota this year, I have been blessed with the best tasting watermelons growing in my garden.  Until this Spring, I haven’t had much of a vegetable garden, usually just a tomato plant, some chives, rhubarb and herbs.  This year however, many changes have taken place and enjoying lush, juicy, sweet watermelon every day for about a month now, has been one of those changes.  Recalling our drought, I did have to water the plants twice a day every day, not using any fertilizer or bug repellant.  These watermelons are ORGANIC and delicious.

Okay, this may be boring speak to my readers, but watermelon doesn’t always taste that great and I’ve never grown any.  This watermelon, Crimson Sweet, is soooooooo good, that we are eating into the rind and if I chose to do what Dr. Oz said, blend up the rind and put it into some juice, maybe add some vodka, and drink it, there would only be seeds left.  Oh ya, there are only seeds left, the horses are devouring the rinds.  No, the rinds are not vodka laden.    Stay tuned for more later.  May you receive God’s blessings and care.  Many happy trails and tales.

Sunday, June 24th:  It was a gorgeous evening last night.  No wind, cooling off, pink and blue sky, no bugs and in my dreams, I was riding.  Realty, I was working, ugh.  Okay, I keep reminding myself that I’m working toward an ultimate goal and it is appearing on the horizon so keep on keeping on…..  Soon, I’ll be riding to my hearts content and getting me and my herd back into shape.  I’m keeping on….

This link has some of the most awesome photos of South Dakota’s past history:  They made me think of today’s history in the making while pondering the past.  Trying to imagine camping every night on the wild prairie or sheltered in the cape of the Black Hills 24/7, I have to admit that I like the luxury of running hot and cold water and a comfy bed.   God Bless Your Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012:  When I created this blog on July 16, 2009, I had intended to post information “nearly daily”.  2011 required some adjustments to my priorities and unfortunately, my blog took a back seat to my life.  Last Saturday I happened upon several responses to my posts and my site that I had no idea were here.  Boy, did I feel inept!  For whatever reason, they were directed to the spam folder (that I didn’t know I had) and I feel like I let my followers down!  My internet/blog, learning curve, may be well…. hap hazard.  I apologize for not responding to you and keeping my blog updated and in the now!

My Three Morgans

As I mentioned in my last post, oh my gosh…. four months ago……  I have many stories to write and photos to share.  My life is never boring and ever changing.  When a person owns horses and rents property, moves seem inevitable and once again, April 30th, my horses and I were on the move.  It usually takes me 8 months to find a property large enough for 5 horses and a pony.  That requires a lot of planning and diligent searching!  You may wonder why I haven’t purchased an acreage and here’s the answer:  Being single and working in the city, I realized that I couldn’t manage a property in the country.  The time and physical energy that is required to maintain an equestrian property the way that I would do it, was more than I felt I could handle.  Ideally, owning an equestrian property can be the most rewarding experience for anyone that has a horse or more.  It’s definitely less expensive when compared to the expense of boarding at a facility.  I envied my friends that lived where there horses were because they were able to experience their horses every hour of every day if they wanted too.  I didn’t get to see my equestrian companions resting in the field in the morning dew, racing around the pasture kicking up their heels in the cool spring air or get to know them on a “daily” basis.  Patience, have patience, I kept telling myself, your day will come.  By the way, if one prays for patience, God will provide many opportunities to practice it.  God’s humor I guess.

Times have changed.  At 4:30am I wake up to the morning sky and depart from the city to a place in the country where I am preparing to make my home.  Much excitement is in the air and although I am physically tired, the energy of “realizing a dream”, especially in the midst of chaos, is reality.  More to come!

Saturday, February 4, 2012:  Many moons have past since I’ve had time to sit at the computer and post something.  During this time away, I have enjoyed many rides, lessons, training and new adventures.  Although I’m only going to take a few minutes now to say “howdy”, I plan on getting back into the computer saddle and get a ton of info and stories posted soon.

Hey, if you haven’t been to the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo yet, tomorrow is the last day this year, so plan to attend next year if you haven’t been out there.  The temp was in the upper 50’s in January.  It was a blast!  Bring your wallet and your down home spirit.

To read the Fence Posts from this blogs conception in 2009 thru 2011, select September 2012 in the Archive drop down menu.  As WordPress manages the archive, these posts will be moved to the “Older Entries” link.  Thank you for your patronage!


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