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Sioux Empire Fair Going Extinct

August 5, 2013

The Vern Crangle Memorial Open Horse Show is this Friday, August 9th at the Sioux Empire Fair.  For some reason, the Sioux Empire Fair board decided not to publish a horse show schedule for 2013.  This decision has all but alienated any visitor from enjoying these shows.  This decision also has caused the participants to expend extra time and energy in planning to compete.  The show schedule is only available on line and not all participants have access to this technology.  If you are interested in the show schedule, it is located at:  Sioux Empire Fair Events Schedule

In years past, every stall, over 100, had a horse in it and there were horses tied to trailers outside on the grounds.  There were equestrians from of a variety of disciplines on campus all week long participating in classes and providing entertainment for the visitor.  On Sunday, August 4th, I was hard pressed to find 40 horses on the grounds, most of which were there for only the day.  

I have to wonder if the Sioux Empire Fair board is trying to destroy the Sioux Empire Fair and turn it into strictly a carnival.  The 4-H animal exhibits are nearly nonexistent, so if you are interested in enjoying local farm animals, I would recommend going to the Turner County Fair.  August 12 – 15th is the Turner County Fair, which is a “true” fair and fun for the entire family.  No admission required.


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