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Does My Saddle Hurt My Horse?

September 23, 2013

Fence Posts, Monday, September 23rd:  This summer I was the announcer for several local Dressage schooling shows.  Announcing gave me the opportunity to have a birds eye view of the riders and their mounts.  I noticed that it appeared that a large number of equestrians were trying to force their horses to move in a fashion that was not comfortable for their mounts.  It caused me and other spectators to question if the riders were trying to find their horses rhythm or were the riders trying to make their horse move to the riders rhythm?  It was obvious that horses were tolerating painful requests and becoming physically sore.

Some of the equestrians were experienced riders that had spent thousands of dollars on their horses and equipment.  How could so many participants have the same condition?  One question to ask is, am I riding in correct form?  Another question is, how is my saddle fitting my horse and me?  A super video that addresses this second question is available from Schleese:  How To Tell If Your Saddle Hurts Your Horse

May God bless your relationship with your horse and fellow equestrians.  Happy riding.


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