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Horses are so versatile!  I’m amazed at the range of unique personalities horses have and the way in which they express themselves.  Did you know that they can be trained to come when called, no treats necessary, like one would call their canine friend?  Whether in a paddock or 40+ acres, it doesn’t matter.  It is very rewarding to have them nickering hello and running to me when I call for them.  And how about trick training.  Remember Mr. Ed?

Some professionals would think I am an amateur and according to some rule books, I am a professional.  I consider myself  somewhere in the middle.  As far as disciplines go, I always wanted to race. The wind blowing through my hair, enjoying the risks and the freedom that racing inspires.

Listed below are several different types of racing links:



Local Endurance Race

Along the lines of racing, where would Fox Hunting come into play?  Check out a local Fox Hunting organization.

What’s your preferred horse sport?

How about Polo:


Local Polo Club

SF Polo Club 2008

SF Polo Club 2008

SF Polo Club 2008

SF Polo Club 2008


SF Polo Club 2008

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