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Fence Posts 2017

Howdy Pardners‘,

This is my year at a glance and my intention when I started my site in 2009, was to update it daily.  That was a good intention when I started this blog, but reality had it’s own plan.  Thank you for your interest and patience.

In addition to this page, my entire site will continue to be expanded as time allows.  Check out the “Treat Bucket” drop down menu in the right column for stories.

The Archive drop down menu includes all posts and past Fence Posts.  The 2009 – 2011 Fence Posts are located in the September 2012 Archive and Fence Posts 2013 thru 2016 are located in the March 11, 2017 Archive selection.

Saturday, March 11, 2017:  It’s a snowy day in South Dakota.  Below is a photo I took of one of my favorite places in this great state, Badlands National Park.DSCN5432The Bald Eagles, Geese and other waterfowl, Robins and Spring Fever are back.

Although Spring isn’t here yet, are you ready for spring shows, rides, rodeos and more?  If you’re planning your schedule and equestrian vacations, I’ve updated my Horse ‘N Around page for 2017.  This will continue to be updated as events emerge.  If you would like me to post your event, you may email me your request.  I’ll do my best to keep these current.

2016 was an interesting year:   My goal for ridden miles was 500 miles within 6 months.  These 6 months included May 1st thru October 31st.  I used to ride between 1200 and 1500 miles a year but because of circumstances beyond my control, 2013 began a different chapter in my equestrian life.

In 2016, I exceeded my personal goal!  By November 1st, I had ridden 554.5 miles.  These miles were shared between Zach and Theeo!  Yea!!  What an accomplishment and challenge it was.

Distance riders find out what works and what doesn’t pretty quickly.  What saddles work and which ones don’t.  What each horse’s capabilities are and aren’t.  What things and ideas need to be changed, improved or forgotten altogether.  Most importantly, what are my limitations and successes.

My goal may sound like a lot of miles to some people, but simplifying it, breaking it down, makes it manageable.  It averages out to less then 100 miles a month or less then 4 miles a day or roughly 1 hour of riding the pace of a walk almost every day.  Doable!  I like the motto:  “A Steady Pace Wins the Race.”

Now the Mongol Derby, that’s a LOT of miles in a short amount of time!  There were 3 spaces open in this race as of the date of this post.  Ten days to complete 1,000 kilometers, roughly 621 miles.  The Mongol Derby is known as the longest and toughest race in the world.  I enjoyed watching this ABC news story:  Mongol Derby:  World’s Longest, Toughest Horse Race

In Honor of Honor:  My first horse, a Morgan gelding named Honor, passed away at the great age of 26 human years.  Although I’ve posted this photo of him before, it is one of my favorites and I’m posting it again.

Honor, Spring 2014

Honor, Spring 2014

Little did I know when I took this photo, that not to many months from this beautiful Spring day, Honor would be going to heaven.

My trusted horse was allowed to roam the grounds and enjoy the delicate shoots of Spring.  DSCN9138He was very content strolling around without competition for the tender morsels.  This pastime  became his semiretired way of living.

As the season of Fall was preparing me for winter, Honor passed away on September 8, 2014 of a strangulating lipoma.

Honor was true to his name.  He was an honorable horse that I could count on every time.

He was never lame (true statement) and was always trustworthy for me (another true statement).  He was the best first horse that I could have ever had and I do miss him.  I think that he gave me everything that he could and took care of me on rides to boot.

On July 12th of Honor’s last year, he surprised me with a wonderful Piaffe in a parade we were in. I had no idea that the lipoma existed and had no idea that Honor could dance such a wonderful dance.

We were riding behind the PA System float, a friend and I were spotting for a team of Morgans driving a wagon.  When the float in front of us played the song, “YMCA”, Honor would Piaffe to my joyful surprise!  This song was played several times during the parade and Honor didn’t miss a beat.  Every time it came on, Honor would start to dance.  This was my last ride on Honor and one of my best riding memories with him.    Honor’s Piaffe was magical and very smooth to ride.  I was in heaven and couldn’t imagine a better gift.  smiling-happy-face-cowgirl  Thank You Honor!  A wonderful 10 years together!  I’m sure you’re Riding the Sky with Rowdy!

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