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My Herd

My Herd From Left To Right:  Theeo, Theena, Zack, Blue & Honor, May 31, 2011

Buddies For 5 Years

Buddies Since Theena Was 5 Months Old

Pasture Buddies 07/15/2009

Pasture Buddies 07/15/2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009, my friend Jill and I went on an open road eleven mile ride.  It was a blast.  Theeo and I had our first gallop and being the bucking horse that he can be, this really boosted my confidence.  He made me proud.

11 miles in 2.5 hours

To give you a little history of my herd,  I purchased Honor, a Morgan gelding, when he was 16 and three months later, I purchased a 5 month old Egyptian Arabian filly and named her Theena.

Planning on only ever owning 3 horses, roughly a year later, I purchased Alada Attitude (Rowdy), a 2 year old Polish Arabian gelding.  Rowdy was intended to be my “race horse”.  He was the smoothest horse that I had ever ridden and he had a dedicated and trusting heart.

Rowdy, My Best Ride

Rowdy, Our First Cattle Drive Ride

Because of events beyond my control, Rowdy passed away at 4 years old, exactly one month after the above picture was taken.  Five days before he passed, we had completed 100 miles of riding and I was Extremely Proud!  I will never forget Rowdy!!

Several months went by, and my heart was on the mend, but realizing that Rowdy had stolen it, even now I cry.  Never a replacement for our loved equine companion(s), Rowdy paved the way for Theeo.

Theeo, an Egyptian Arabian is Theena’s half brother and one year older.  They had the same sire.  I purchased him as a 5 year old and began his training.

You may be wondering about Zack, four horses?  I was so impressed with Honor that I realized that I wanted another Morgan.  Honor had given me 5 years of GREAT riding and helped me train my other 3 horses.  I couldn’t have dreamed of a better first horse.  Eventually he would be ready to retire and I wanted Zack to pick up where he left off.  As confirmation and dispositions are important for selecting compatible disciplines, I realized that Zack would be perfect to fill Honor’s shoes.  I purchased Zack as a 2 year old on September ’08, 2008.  (Six years later to the day, Honor would be riding in the sky with Rowdy.  WOW!)

Zack Cleaned Up

Saturday, July 18th, Zack received a bath and we worked on latching on to the bit.

Last week, May 24, 2011, I acquired Red Rose Snowflake, barn name “Blue”.  Not wanting to have more then three horses, I’m not sure what to think about having five of them.  Blue is a 2 year old creme Morgan gelding with blue eyes.  He is gaited, spirited and very intelligent.  With a little more training, he could be a show stopper.  I started training Blue last November and his owner decided that he didn’t want the expense, so now I have a herd of five.  I expect Blue to be an English prospect along with Hunter Jumper.  It is a bit early to tell, but he has no fear going through water, tearing through the pasture at full speed and putting his head over the gate to accept his halter.  He reminds me of Theeo’s personality at this point and is very athletic.

Blue & Zack Grooming, May 2011

Blue, May 2011

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